25 Facts about Me.

Hiya people,

Here’s a break from the norm , but before you go ahead , allow me to state  that i am a very shy and private person and this took a lot of doing . However ,I couldn’t keep it at 20 hence the 25,  i trust that wouldn’t be a bother . Thanks Barbara and Chinasor for tagging me, feel free to tag anyone you like.

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1.I love my family and wont trade them for anything.

2.I value relationship over money even though  i suck at keeping in touch.

3.I am VERY lazy when it comes to my hair , hence the dreadlocks ( i don’t even have to comb it)

4.I love to watch cartoons, my husband can testify to that , its the only way i keep my inner child alive *covering face*

5.I am shameless, i don’t know how to feel ashamed, my middle name should be shameless. Somebody needs to teach me please.

6. I never leave my house without my sunglasses, come rain or shine .

7. As a makeup artist the only makeup item i carry around is my Maybelline baby lips – very weird.

8.I am a night person, i am most awake when its 10pm and sometimes don’t sleep till around 1 , i don’t know if this is normal or it’s  just me.

9.I just discovered lately that i love food and its annoying because despite how hard i try i haven’t added any weight.

10.I love to visit places, but i hate the fact i have to seat still in a place for hours, the maximum period i can seat still is 1 hr.

11.I love sandals of any kind and low comfortable shoes, i cant wear heels for more than one hour , a minute after and the legs get all wobbly.

12.I love to teach makeup, it gives me joy to pass on knowledge and help other people.

13.I don’t like to wear native, i never know what style to sew, my sister always helps me out.

14.I am so terrible with  phone calls, texting and chatting, some can testify to this.I never pick call after 9pm.

15. I  love to be alone by myself once in a while , it gives me time rediscover me , clear my mind and be alone with God.

16.I smile too much, it takes a lot to get angry and after  a while  i cant even remember why i was angry, you probably will have to remind me.

17.I love identical twins .

18.I never had pimple all through puberty i guess i was lucky.

19. You will never catch me wearing anything in fashion , i would rather buy classic and timeless clothes.

20.My favourite holiday is Christmas .

21.I don’t have a wallet. i just fold money into my bag.

22. I used to be highly impulsive until i met my husband, OMG he can analyze and logicalise anything and everything, i am so happy he changed me , i make better decisions now.

23.I cant stand people that lie and are proud.

24.Some people don’t know my real name , they call me Nsure or makeup artist

25.I can talk, teach , shop makeup all day and NEVER get tired.

Phew!!!! thought it would never end , your turn what can you tell me about yourself ?

Hugs and kisses


  1. You sure suck at keeping in touch,making and taking calls,I can testify! Nice write up darling! About me that u don’t know,am still thinking…

  2. I can testify to NO5: ur shameless #coveringFace#

    I can also testify to NO11: u so love sandals and i kept wondering if u have issues with ur legs.

    No14: This I confirmed during my training with u….I would call, text n chat u all day yet u won’t respond….I just felt ur dodging me after paying for my training….tho I got d best out of it… #Smiles#…

    No15: This is so true with u….I barely saw a reigning fashion cloth on u….that I so like.

    Nice post boss.

  3. You forgot to add that you are scary nice and unbelievably kind. Its easy for one to think its just a front but I’m beginning to think you’re the real deal.*kisses*

  4. I can relate to 7 and 11 very much. On my wedding day I was freaking out so bad that I would fall cos of the heels. As we left the church I just changed to my flats immediately. Comfort is important jare. 21 is hilarious. Lol. Nice one Yemisi.

  5. I miss you. I miss you sooooo much. All of these just made me remember my childhood and how far we have come. God keep you darlyn. Keep being real *kisses*

  6. 1, 2, 17 and 23 and more we have in common. I was however told that those who crave for twins do not eventually get them, but my faith is so up right now. I want twwwwiiiinnnnns! simple, straight, creative write up. Na follow follow I dey o from now on. cheers.

  7. 1, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 16, 18, 25 to all the dis number I can testify to that, you are awesome yemi and I miss you soo much. Always smiling.

  8. Yemisi, we kinda have somethings in common 1,9,10,12,17. That’s good. But you forgot to add that you are warm hearted and accommodating….lol…guess you skipped that on purpose. Anyways, nice knowing some more about you. Cheers!

  9. I can also relate to 14… several messages im yet to get reply to but now I understand you better. Nice one dear…. keep smiling *hugs*

  10. Nos 9 na lie u just discovered you love food bawo………yimu. u v always loved food…….all other ones I kinda agree with, I will find out from bolaji…..

  11. No 14,i can testify, I discussed training with you,i sent message,when I got to lagos,sent several texts no reply,i said toh maybe u dnt want train an Nsure bride

  12. You are such a sweetheart!
    I can identify with some of these things myself (shame faced).
    I am terrible at keeping in touch as well.
    Identifying and Writing these things down helps you to work in them. .I should make a list myself.
    Thanks dear

  13. I can testify to 23… you are so down to earth. .. which is why I love you. ..always willing to share. ..
    you are a good person
    Keep up the good work. ..

  14. Cheerful Yemisi! Always wearing a big smile. In total agreement with 14. You’re a warm person still. Guess you got that from your sweettttt warm Mum. Another feature of yours embedded in 25 is punctuality and keen eye as a MUA.

  15. Hello Yemisi how are you. So good to know you are doing well. Keep up the good work, I’m proud of you. How is Mosunmola? Kind regards to your hubby.

  16. I can testify 2 ur not picking calls,texting and chating,NO 23,Ha u are so down 2 earth dat I wouder if u have time 4 ur self@all with the way u love pple around u,u are d best(Trust me).

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