5 places to travel during Ramadan on a budget


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The Ramadan holidays are fast approaching and it coincidentally falls during the first few matches of the world – talk about a perfect holiday! I am excited even though I have decided to spend the holidays in Badagry (don’t ask me where, it’s my secret haven 🙂  ) .

Yea, I know you might want to know where I will be hiding out, that I cannot share but what I can share are 5 places to visit this Ramadan on a budget. I decided to share these travel destinations when a friend of mine asked for my thoughts on where would be the ideal international destination for her to visit during the holidays. Her major concerns were cheap flights, security and wonderful scenery.For me I thought getting a cheap flight from Lagos to Dubai for instance shouldn’t be a problem as there are fantastic companies out there

Here’s my bucket-list of 5 places to visit during Ramadan on a budget:


  1. Dubai

This is first on the list because I had the most wonderful time the last time I visited Dubai.On my trip from Lagos to Dubai, the in flight flood was out of this world, I couldn’t imagine how cheap flights to Dubai could provide such wonderful service .You have the option of world class shopping malls, entertainment attractions, beautiful beaches – yes, the desert town with beaches J , cultural sites and very extensive desert span( I had the most exhilarating ride on the safari stretch).

So if you are seeking to shop or you are just a foodie like me or just looking for a city with all the bustle of a futuristic city – then Dubai is your surest holiday destination. If you are looking for the cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai then click here ,they made it happen for me.


  1. Maldives

I have heard so much about this holiday spot and what readily comes to mind are the white sandy beaches and the blue waters. It is a destination spot for honeymooners but also a paradise for those looking to have a special holiday. The best part of holidaying in Maldives is the fact that the trip doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, it is actually possible to travel to Maldives on a very modest budget. The hotels are interestingly cheap too which means you have more money to have an extremely good time.



  1. Abu Dhabi

This city has a lot of similarities with Dubai but it is a lot more conservative, the city is popularly known as the conservative cosmopolitan city. In spit of the city being conservative, the city still promises an experience that you would never forget like the traditional culture and the popular safari desert. Abu Dhabi houses the biggest mosque in the UAE, the man-made islands, the Ferrari branded theme park and many more exciting places. Travelling to Abu Dhadi this Ramadan could be done on a budget.

abu dhabi


  1. Tanzania

Yep, you read right – Tanzania. Believe it or not, Zanzibar boasts of beautiful beaches and its well preserved wildlife sites. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa is in Tanzania, they also have loads of exciting lakes you can visit and explore. Tanzania is just perfect for the adventurous individual, I am definitely planning to visit Tanzania very soon and guess what? It is very affordable,  flights are cheap and they have lovely affordable hotels.


  1. Malaysia

Malaysia have been constantly selling the country’s tourism to everyone with the “Malaysia, truly Asia” campaign and it has worked. Malaysia has people of diverse cultures as well as modern cities and exotic places one could visit. Malaysia has beautiful wildlife locations, exquisite cuisine, beautiful islands and loads of exciting places to visit in the capital Kuala Lumpur which is a beautiful city to behold.



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