5 reasons why Spring is my favorite Season…

Spring walk
SPring Bloom

Hello beauties, its a beauty new month and my best season here. Here are 5 reasons why spring is my favorite season. I am currently in the United Kingdom and I can tell you right now that my favourite season is Spring. My current obsession is going for long walks with my son and admiring natures finest display.

Spring walk
Walks are much enjoyable.

I have more daylight to work and do get more things done during spring season. This period you also get to see a lot of restaurant owners do more outside dining because of the lovely weather. After spring season comes Summer time.
Temperatures is warm and moderate unlike summer that is quite hot. You can wear more of light jackets and ditch the heavy jackets. I also love it for my Skin.
Some food items become cheaper especially fruits because they are ripe for harvest.
Some trees grow more leaves and you see flowers blooms beautifully , it is always a lovely sight. Lastly, it’s perfect for outdoor walks, jogs and runs.

Me and Big T

You can see us soaking up as much sunlight as we can on our walk. Please share your favorite season with me in the comments area.
Many kisses and hugs

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