Adapting to Change: Embracing a Fresh Start!

Hey there! Adapting to Change: Embracing a Fresh Start! It can be daunting. January looks like yesterday, but see how quickly this year is going. How have you been? I’ve missed being here. For now, I’ll continue blogging to share more of my thoughts. Instagram and TikTok are just so wild, and the content there can be quite vulgar. Not to mention how toxic some people can be in the comments.

I would appreciate it if you engaged with my post here. Thank you very much.

Anyway, it’s winter where I am, and I’ll never get used to the cold. I live in the state with the cleanest air in the world, and I’ve been flourishing. (You can ask Google because I’m not telling!)

It’s been wonderful and I enjoy the slow life on this beautiful modern island. Taking prayer walks, cooking, exploring the city by myself, gardening, thrifting, and studying. It sounds like I’m doing new things, but I’m just living life to the fullest!

Freshly plucked flowers from my Garden.

How about you? How’s life been treating you lately? ????

Big Hugs


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