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  • Revlon foundation

    Revlon 2024 Spotlight: Still Budget-Friendly or Not?

    When it comes to drugstore beauty brands, Revlon is a real OG. Is Revlon in 2024 still Budget-friendly or Not? they’ve been around for ages, always hooking us up with top-notch beauty products that are yes, very affordable. One thing I love about Revlon is its diverse and huge product range. No matter your skin […]

  • Revamp Your Beauty Business in 2024: 6 Tips for Success!

    Hey beauties, It’s been a while since I’ve shared insights on makeup and beauty business. Let’s talk about 6 ways to upgrade your beauty business in 2024. I have been taking some degree and certification in respect to beauty business and its corporate side. I hope to share with you soon on how the journey […]

  • Adapting to Change: Embracing a Fresh Start!

    Hey there! Adapting to Change: Embracing a Fresh Start! It can be daunting. January looks like yesterday, but see how quickly this year is going. How have you been? I’ve missed being here. For now, I’ll continue blogging to share more of my thoughts. Instagram and TikTok are just so wild, and the content there can […]

  • Welcome to 2024.

    Hey beauties, welcome to 2024. This year I encourage you to be more intentional, especially in the following areas … • Prayer and Faith Life • Aspiration • Goals and Plan • productive with your Time • Relationships • Money • Pursuits • Talents and Development • Education • Health and Fitness • Life The […]

  • Why I Shut Down My Beauty Brand: My Story.

    Hey beauties, I never talked about why I shut down my beauty brand 6 years later. Here goes my story … It’s been 434 weeks (8.32 years) since I launched our first collection at Beauty Essentials by Nsure (BEN) in Nigeria, at first, it was a clear makeup pouch, bag, and eventually expanded into hygiene […]

  • Korean Beauty brand - Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

    How Korean skincare has taken over the globe in recent years.

    Hey beauties, I am inspired by how quickly K BEAUTY has grown, due to significant investment and support from the Korean government, its entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the patronage of Koreans. How did Korean skincare products gain popularity in the globally? Korean pop music (K-pop) Musical groups like as BTS, EXO, and BLACKPINK had massive global […]

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