Blast from the PAST..

Hello Everyone,

Pardon me for being away for a while, it wasn’t deliberate but hey , i am back,hope you are having a splendid week.

Sometime last week i was organizing my makeup trolley and you won’t believe what i stumbled upon, lots of makeup products that i didn’t know i had anymore, a nostalgic feeling overcame me when i rediscovered them and guess what, i cleaned and stored them away neatly, i  am sure you probably were waiting for me to say i disposed of them (lol).

Amongst some of the products i stumbled upon were blushes ,my old faithful black radiance and Black Opal blushes.

My big question to you is – What brand of old makeup items do you have in your makeup kit that you would love to share? 

Thanks for stopping by and your comments are totally appreciated.

Till my next post,


  1. Lol seems we have some things in common Misykona. I have a couple of old makeup products too, some I no longer use and some I still do.

    The brand I have that are pretty old are mostly Bourjois. I did a post about them though

    so you can check it out for pictures. I also made a video on it which I will be uploading on my You Tube channel soon.

    It’s always fun playing with makeup,

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