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Canon Vlogging Event Nigeria 2019.

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Hey Beauties,

The past week was awesome; it provided me an opportunity to share my experience working with a beauty camera I use for my vlogs and makeup gigs. Ok so, I am using the phrase beauty camera because it serves just the purpose as it is stated – a camera for beauty, a makeup camera or a YouTube camera.

Yep, phones are great but not so great when you need them to extend and give you a certain kind of professional videos or images, therefore as a result, a vlogging camera escort istanbul ataşehir would do the trick. With my phone, I always had to fall back on beauty plus for instance to help me edit my pictures to exactly the way I wanted them but for video, there was no remedy, you are stuck with what you have.

My Beauty Camera Journey

For a beauty camera, my journey started with a Canon 60D, plain old trusted camera with the 50mm lens, couldn’t do video, I knew I needed a YouTube camera so I began my research and switched to my first ever mirrorless camera – The Canon M100. The M100 for a beauty camera was small in size and features but then it seemed to get the job done as a YouTube camera. You can check out the Launch of the M100.

Of course, in no time I knew I had to step it up for a more serious beauty camera, but then came the M50, also cute and small but definitely with more advanced features. I stuck with the M50 for a while until the EOS M6MKII and MKIII came along from Canon.

So essentially for a vlogging camera, the EOS M6MKII and G7 X are the perfect babies. Let me quickly do a quick rundown of the features of the EOS M6MKII which certainly if you ask me is ideal for your YouTube camera.

Canon EOS M6 Mark III
Canon Mirrorless camera

Ideal vlogging camera – EOS M6MKII


The M6MKII shoots at 14 frames per second and 30 frames per second raw bust mode with continuous focusing and excellent details! You can tilt at 180 degrees and get your desired angles.


There is no better joy than having clear cut pictures and the MK6 MK11 shoots at 32.5 mega pixels APS – sized censor. The M6MKII combines a 1.0-type back-illuminated 20.1 Megapixel sensor with the superior processing power.


The M6MKII camera shoots at 4K video and up to 120fps Full HD.


With the M6MKII, I can effortlessly run live streams on youtube, it has made life made easy for me.


I really do not need to bother about too much weight because the Canon M6MKII is light and a total mood to move around with, no extra baggage. For instance, the MKIII is always in my pocket.


Most importantly, you can connect your smartphone wirelessly to these cameras instead of removing your memory card every time. It makes it easy for me to share pictures on social media platforms almost immediately.


The M6MKII allows you to charge on the go! For instance, if you are on the road, all you need is a USB cable that you can connect to charge.


Battery life is fantastic, the M6MKII runs several hours of video, therefore you have to worry about charging quickly.

There you have it for beauty cameras that can take your vlogging game to the next level and you can also Canon USA to see a more comprehensive description of the M6 Mark II.

Yemisi Seriki
Canon Vlogging event
Canon vlogging presentation
Canon G7 Demo
Canon G7 beauty camera demo
Canon vlogging presentation
Vl;ogging Demo
Canonbeauty camera  vlogging demo
Testing Canon mirrorless camera
Canon vlogging event
Canon G7

I also have a video on Youtube on the Canon Vlogging Event 2019, Kindly click  HERE to watch

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