How to detoxify in 6 easy steps .

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Here we go again, almost hitting the end of the month of May yet again and I am tempted to ask if the world is in fast forward mode now. Speaking of fast forward, life is very short and increasingly become more so which leads me to some vital questions – Do you take care of your body?? Is your health important to you?? In whatever way you choose to answer taking care of ourselves is intrinsic in this present time of short life expectancy.


Ok here’s where I am going with this, do you detoxify?? What does this even mean you may ask?? Detoxification or detox as is called by some people involves removing toxic substances from the body. We constantly live in a world surrounded by toxins from processed foods, drugs, chemicals, pesticides and even plastics and trust me when I say we can hardly get through a day without being exposed to these toxins. Ideally, the body is programmed to detoxify itself via different organs in the digestive system, also eating the right kinds of foods has a way of increasing the ability of the body to detoxify which help in building an immunity to sickness and ailments.
How do you know you need to detoxify?? When you experience the following in isolation or together as the case may be:

Allergies Chronic headaches/migraines

Difficulty sleeping

Chronic skin conditions

Digestive problems Diabetes

Depression/poor mood Low energy

Liver dysfunction


Sore muscles or Stiff joint

The next question is: How do you detoxify??
1) Fruit Detox :
A great way to get out the toxins without fasting is fruit detox . Fruits have been medically known to give energy to the body and can be effectively used to control weight and believe it or not reduce the risk of stroke. You can detoxify by eating your favorite fruit or a variety if you please but what’s important is not exceeding a 7 day fruit diet.

2) Do a liquid fast :
This step involves consuming nothing but liquids that is water, tea, fruit juice, vegetable juice, and/or protein shakes for not more than 2-3 days. Liquid diets have been known to aide weight loss and cleanse the body of toxins.
3) Cut out Alcohol :
A lot of women today have been diagnosed with breast cancer which researchers also argue may be linked to alcohol .As to the question of whether they are right or not, its better safe than sorry.
4) Avoid sugar :
Excess sugar consumption on a regular basis can cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up which could lead to heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers in the long-run. Before consuming foods, it’s important to read the label on order to find out the sugar content.
5) Limit your exposure to harmful toxins in the air :
The main culprit in a society like ours is carbon monoxide which is normally emitted from cars and generators. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous odorless chemical that causes headaches, dizziness etc A properly ventilated home will go a long way.

6) Don’t overdo it :
Creating a balance between a healthy diet and a reasonable program that can be combined with exercise will go a long way. The balance ensures that we do not go overboard in trying to stay healthy and the body could easily be stressed, take it in little baby steps and you will do just fine.

I hope these helped , kindly share with me your detoxification process.

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