Educational Requirement for Makeup Artist.


“Aunty Yem, I want to become a professional makeup artist, what course should I study in the University?” This was the question a cousin of mine who just finished secondary school asked me over the weekend and I thought to shed more light on this subject.

Developing a career path early can save you years of unnecessary waste of time. There are so many unorthodox careers taking center stage these days. – Photography, Event planning, DJ-ing, Dancing etc

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a banker because I loved the way they always looked smart and sharp. By the time I was through with secondary school, I wasn’t so sure anymore about banking, I knew I was very good at craft and I was already making lovely beads to sell, this was what I was comfortable with.

I was admitted to study Economics at tertiary level but by my 2nd year I was already bored and by the time I was done with University I was already a freelance Makeup artist .I went further to complete my youth service and worked for a while but eventually followed my passion and started Nsure Beauty studio with my partner (Folayemi).

So back to the crux of the matter – What educational requirement do you need to become a Makeup Artist?
If your dream is to become a makeup artist, my honest opinion is that it is very important to have at LEAST a secondary school leaving certificate- the basic stuff. I am also strongly of the school of thought that if you do have the wherewithal to go further, by all means do that. Obtaining a higher degree is a plus and like I always say education sets the platform for you to be whoever or whatever you want to be.

So far I have met people who studied courses like Business Admin, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Mass Communication, Theatre arts, law, Engineering, Bio chemist, Dentist etc that are also makeup artists and are doing very well

There is really no identifiable structured educational requirement in Nigeria yet, however what can work for you are the few vocational institutes and Makeup studios that offer formal trainings which is relevant as they have relevant experience from plying the trade too. The Caveat to you is to be sure the trainer knows his/her onions.

Duties of a makeup artist

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There is no structured pay check; it all depends on how often you work and how you are able to market your skill. A Bridal make-up artist can earn between N480, 000 –N10m per annual depending on clientele.

Types of makeup artist
Beauty Counter
These makeup artists work at major makeup brand counters/ floors, they help client with basic beauty tips and application based on their product knowledge for example Black up, MAC, Inglot etc
These Makeup artists are In charge of looks for fashion events, runways, front cover magazine .They are very artistic and creative
Body and Face Painting
They Paint the faces of children and also create artistic designs on the body.
Theater and Television
Anyone who appears before a camera needs a makeup artist to help them look their best. The artist must be able to create movie characters based on scripts and understand lighting.
Bridal Makeup artist
They help to make you look good on your special event like wedding, birthday; family photo shoot etc, in the Nigeria market ability to tie head gear is a bonus.

I conclude by saying to become a professional makeup artist, it would help if you have the necessary training and also work on your skill by attending a makeup school with proper curriculum and experience not a crash class, definitely not a 3 days training class, you won’t learn much.

I would love to know if you are a makeup artist, how did you start out, which course did you read and where did you train? Do you have any advice for other aspiring makeup artists?

Till my next post.
Love , hug and kisses

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