Evolving …

Hello beautiful people,
I have been unavoidably silent due to some reasons beyond my control.

What kept me away from blogging? it’s my very crazy and busy schedule plus I went on “acquiring knowledge” rampage, upgrading my skill.(Makeup Artistry)

A lot of ideas have popped up in my head and some I have tried out and pleased with my findings while am yet to try out some others.

I am excited to announce that I now have a beauty coach
Ungenita Provost who is a Beauty Empowerment Author/Speaker & Success Coach to “The Beauty Makers” based in the USA to act as a guide in my career and business.
I Signed up for Airbrush Makeup training, this was really cool.(lots of Pros and Con though)

Also i went all out to research some major brands i love but couldn’t get here in Nigeria ( such as Inglot, Stila ,Urban Decay, and lots more) expensive venture you say but worth every penny.

My Review and Recommendations are going to be pouring in soon, so stay tuned!!!

Lot of love,Misidreads.

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