Eyebrow Stamp Review

Does Brow stamp really work

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I am gradually getting back into the groove, the somewhat long hiatus has made it increasingly difficult to pencil something down but hey, I am a fighter ­čÖé . There’s really so much to say with so little time.

Moving on though, Ok so┬á I have discovered a lot of new beauty products thorough the best thing that happened to modern age – Social Media, platforms like Instagram have made discovery easier . I have had different experiences using some of the products discovered though , some I really liked , others not so much.

So today we will look at the eyebrow stamp I got from Dunique beauty store. There is a video below for those of us that want to see it in action(don’t forget to subscribe though ­čśë )

I am guessing the question would be what are eyebrow stamps are right ? Eyebrow stamps are stamps shaped in arches like the eyebrow  , you dip into a brow powder before stamping them on your actual brows.

Here’s what the eyebrow stamp I got looks like :

Does eyebrow stamp really work?



View video review here :

Ok so here’s what I discovered using the eyebrow stamp :

– They are painless

– The stamp seems to give thick brows

Have you ever tried stamp on eyebrows? What products do you like to use on your brows? Leave me a comment and let me know!
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