Effect of Fake Make up.

Hello everyone, I had a rested weekend in a very long while, I hope it was same for you, I cannot over stress the importance of rest, make sure you indulge yourself.In the course of the past week however I came across a somewhat funny scene that set in motion some thoughts in my head. While commuting from point A to B (minding my business jeje – like we say around here) when I came across aunty Sherifa , she was selling her collection of makeup brands which were stocked up in pile.

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What fascinated me more was the patronage she got from the many shades of women that were so eager to get their merchandise and be on their way. The thought or rather the question that came to mind was where do women think is appropriate to buy makeup products? Some addicts like my humble self would go online or visit shops to purchase products while on the flip side some people who can and cannot afford makeup products prefer to patronize people like aunty Sherfia whose shop is on the roadside.While I admire aunty Sherifa for trying to make out a living, I am very concerned about the after effect of these substandard products on the skin. Truth be told, buying cheap imitation of MAC or any other brands from the roadside will no wise distort your skin ,leaving you with a discoloration that cannot be corrected, it’s a classic case of being penny wise ,pound foolish.

My special advise to you is that if you must buy makeup products, visit a trusted makeup store or consult a reputable makeup artist who can give you professional counsel on where to do your shopping; most often than not they are able to decipher between the original and fake products as they buy from the accredited dealers or franchise owners.

So before you decide to make that wrong purchase, remember that road side products will earn you the wrong shade, substandard products that can cause you to breakout or even cause you to manifest different kinds of infections. Visit any major makeup store to purchase your makeup products and if you don’t have enough money, its best to save up till you can afford to buy peace of mind.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, if only some lagos girls wil hear.first timer on ur blog and I totally love ur write ups.

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