Niphec 2014 : Photographer’s Conference.

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I am always ecstatic when i have something to share with you ,its been a great week with the Nigeria photographers conference (Niphec) at the center of it all. I am happy i was invited to facilitate by the brain behind it all -Mr Seun Akinsanmi; my duty  was to talk about Makeup and Photography.

In my usual elements , I got to the conference early and the turn out, my gosh , i was overwhelmed. Indeed i  must confess i felt like a tad intimidated  when i saw most of my favorite top photographers all in one place and the same time . You know i just couldn’t resist the urge of snap shots with them 🙂 .

After my scheduled class, i attended Mr Seun’s class on “How to create website using WordPress ” i addedd to my knowledge . OK,  so i promised some of the participants i would do a recap of my class and here we go ….

When buying a Camera , here is what to focus on:

  • Macro setting helps to get detailed focus on your subject for instance  skin, brows etc
  • Make sure the screen can be adjusted to take personal photographs and from angles Note : the screen is the display behind the camera .
  • The camera that has good lighting ability inside
  • A DSLR  (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is better than Point and shoot cameras because it has the following features:

– Interchangeable lens- you can use another lens if you want and you can Zoom in and out also

– A great focus – it must be able to focus clearly and sharply

– Great speed- doesnt take time to snap and focus on subject

– Ability to use external flash

How to take great makeup  pictures:

  • Use good light and also use reflector to eradicate shadows of any kind
  • Plain Background to avoid distractions from your model
  • Always focus on your model to avoid blurry pictures emphasis should be on the face since what you are showcasing is makeup
  • You can try snapping from different angles

Things you need to note as a makeup artist for great photos:

  • Try to avoid too much makeup it shows in pictures
  • Prime the skin make sure its SPF free because that causes a whitish cast
  • Make sure you conceal blemish lightly with foundation or concealer as the face require
  • Keep the face matte because dewy skin looks cakey in pictures
  • Make sure you exfoliate your lips to prevent cracks and chaps showing
  • No pastel color of eyeshadow or lips because the flash light will wash out those colors
  • Focus more on making the brows look groomed and define the eyes.use lashes if necessary.
  • Place you model close to natural light when applying makeup.

You can invest in either Canon or Nikon Cameras.

I Hope these tips help …. enjoy the event in pictures


20140430_102849 20140430_102704 20140430_102452





20140430_145720 20140430_135113 20140430_152626 20140430_135233 20140430_134741

I also attended the Cosmex Nigeria Fair in lagos, it held at Ten degree Event center Oregun ,ikeja ,Lagos. It was a fair organized for the cosmetic , chemicals and cleaning products.The exhibitors stands were scanty.

20140430_162329 20140430_155442 20140430_161154 20140430_161352 20140430_161320 20140430_161310 20140430_161356 20140430_161407 20140430_161414 20140430_161422 20140430_161431 20140430_161604 20140430_161444

20140430_161618 Till my Next post

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  1. Thanks. All noted. We were advised @ MINC Buntricia to mix face primer together with d foundation to avoid d whitish that it will leave on the face. Looking forward to your next post. I was hoping to see you at MINC but u were not.

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