Live at Inglot Nigeria

Hi there beautiful people,

Last weekend was a pretty busy one , there were like back to back events I had to attend . The highlights of the Saturday of that weekend was at the Palms Shopping Mall where I was invited by Inglot Nigeria  to share tips and talk about my favorite makeup products from  the Inglot brand .

I am going to make you feel a bit jealous if you missed it because I can tell you for free that if you were there you would have had nice time.I had an amazing time working with the Team – Gloria, Nathan and Zara who introduced me to their new collections.

That been said. I won’t just have fun and not bring something valuable back to my wonderful family in here , even if it is valuable information( I hope you weren’t thinking  I wanted to give you products 🙂 , keep it locked here you just might lucky real soon) .Ok , so where was I ?? ….aha!!! the valuable information I brought back for you , they have some new products I feel might do you a world of good , there’s the Inglot under makeup base which has the SPF 20 to protect you from the nerving sunburns , there’s also the Inglot setting mist , I found those new products to be great products you could give a try if you will.

I also found some of my favorite Inglot Products  like the Gel Liners, Pigments , Loose powder ,Duraline , Breathable Nail Polish and  the freedom palette casing.




Till my next post,

Hugs and Kisses,



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