Makeup Product Education (Health and Safety)

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OK, you know me, I do not like to get up in your hair about how things are in this country, yes it is my business in a way but above all the business of the government structure to do the needful. I am not talking about the fuel scarcity or the fact that we have no light to run our businesses, I am talking about what concerns me. I recall I told you I had my experience to share on some fake and harmful products we have easy access to.

I am in a way pissed with the regulatory body in charge of the approval of products we use on our body. My experience is deep and painful, I am pretty sure some of us read about the fake eyelash glue I talked about in a previous post, if you missed that read HERE

My beloved nation has now become a dumping ground; we allow virtually everything in from whitening cream to very mad lip glues that I dare not call matte lipsticks any more.

The hour has finally come for me to share my own nasty experience with a lipstick I used. I happened to test out a product in order to give my review (I hope you guys can see how much I love you ­čÖé┬á . OK, so I applied this lippie and I felt a tingling sensation but I thought it wasnÔÇÖt a big deal , so I left it on ,it actually lasted the whole day and when it was time to take it off , I then realized that there was a problem . I used a wipe, applied a bit of oil on my lips and it was still there so I just left it and when to bedÔÇŽ..big mistake!

20150803_120952The next day the lipstick was still showing on my lips so I went to my ever trusted Google and there it was ÔÇŽ. Booom! It hit me hard, I found out that some of the ingredients used included car spray paint to make it last longer , yes you read it right ÔÇŽ.. Car spray!!

I know exactly the source the source of this demonic lip matte but I decided to let it slide but hereÔÇÖs the skinny, we need to be critical about the products we use, we need to begin to check the components of these alternative products before we start to use them. Sure there are still a few good products out there, I am currently in talks with a particular product that I have began to do extensive research on the components of their products, never again I say ÔÇŽ. never again.

I got lucky if you will but someone else might not be and might probably end up at the hospital. There are real life instances where a young lady went to a pharmacy to buy mascara which sold for a paltry N300 and ended up having a cyst in her eye which she had to operate with over N300k , there was also a friend that bought Marykay Foundation from a reputable makeup store and ended up with mad skin irritation which also cost her money to fix. (P.S I can help with a list of where you can get the real deal, just shoot me a mail and I will hook you up) always remember – Cheap and cheerful sometimes can be very dangerous .

OK so back to my lip story, at this point, my lips had chaffed and dried out so badly that they had become sore. I had to avoid putting anything on them, not even moisturizing lip balm so as not to irritate them. I couldnÔÇÖt eat spicy meal, hot meal, ;9cold meal, talk or smile not to talk of kissing ­čÖü




We need to be careful when testing lipsticks and lip glosses from testers or sharing with someone else because some of them are actually breeding grounds for bacteria and can transfer sore throats and infection easily. Lipsticks are dewy and moist ÔÇô the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow in!
So how does one reduce spread of lip infection?
ÔÇó Wash your hands Regularly
ÔÇó Sanitize your hands regularly
ÔÇó DonÔÇÖt share lipsticks or disinfect if you must
ÔÇó If you find yourself reapplying lipstick 14 times a day, consider cutting back. Second, don’t let children use lipstick, as their young bodies are especially vulnerable to toxic metals.
ÔÇó Change your toothbrush.
ÔÇó Use Vaseline.
ÔÇó Drink a lot of water and you can use coconut oil , cumcumber, aloe vera and honey on the lips

If you already feel your lips are peeling and chapping make sure you avoid :
ÔÇó Avoid licking your lips often as the saliva is also acidic and cause the lips to dry up quickly
ÔÇó Even when tempted avoid peeling of the lips with your teeth or hand as the layer of the lps is very thin
ÔÇó Do not smoke because it will irritate the lips as well

Researchers say lipsticks and lip glosses may pose specific risks for consumers, because they are swallowed and absorbed little by little by those wearing them. They recommend blotting the lipstick after applying to reduce exposure.
It all comes down to the fact that we need to be careful, we must be our own watch dog, you need to make sure that when you are buying your products you are sure that what you have paid for and not a look alike imported from China. DonÔÇÖt let someone elseÔÇÖs greed lead to your untimely death or even worse – Cancer.

Stay safe people.

Till my next post,
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Sorry Yemisi. This is not nice. Too many orisirisi products in the market now. For you to have used this product and most likely do a review on it, you’d have trusted it to an extent, yet this result. God help us. Thanks for the tips. Pray your lips heal quickly so can resume kissing and ur charming broad smile.

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