Is Makeup a sin?

Hey beautiful people,

I am busy enjoying this new month, its been great so far and i am pretty sure it will be greater in days to come , praise the Lord somebody …… ah ha !!! , that exactly where i need your train of thought to be, somewhere in the realm of religion.

Now i have had this never ending question been asked of me by so many people and trust me, it never gets old. Its a simple yet tricky question – “Is Makeup a Sin??”  It has always got me thinking and i have tried severally to answer as much as i can as it requires wisdom 🙂 ….. worry not i ain’t preaching today :).

First of all i need us to understand that the cosmetic industry has become one of greatest industries in the world.It employs a great number of people and therefore generates a lot of Economic activities for the world , especially in Nigeria, it has become bread and butter for quite a number of us.This being said i will take you on a very short journey on my thoughts on makeup and religion.

Beauty comes from the inside out! When you carry the presence of God you will shine and be beautiful. You will notice that when you go without makeup, a lot of people would ask if you if you are not ill in anyway , moderate makeup will no doubt compliment the God in you.

In the book of song of Solomon verse 4:3  it says: “Your lips are like scarlet ribbon; your mouth is inviting.  Hold it right there … you know a single person that has naturally scarlet colored lips???

It is essential that we understand that Makeup doesnt cover insecurity , your self worth comes from within being careful not to seek what others say , you can  read more on what (1 Peter 3:4) has to say about this, the first step is to be beautiful from the inside out.

Esther wanted to become a queen and she spent a year putting oils and cosmetics on herself as a beauty treatment to meet the king (Esther chapter 2).  I am sure that if Esther was in our generation she would have gotten a professional makeup artist to do her makeup before the contest or read up from a beaauty blog or watch a you tube video on how to apply basic makeup…..just maybe 🙂

The example of Esther above explains the outward beauty that can compliment the inward beauty, having said this i would like to say that once makeup application is  done in moderation and with the understanding that the outward look is only secondary – Makeup is not a sin.

The purpose of makeup isn’t for seduction but for  complimenting what is on the inside.Perfume, Deodorants,skin care are all generalized as makeup in the bible and were used for different purposes.

I know several people have different school of thoughts on this topic . it alright to share , lets hear what you have to say.



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