Meet CEO of Flawless Touch .

Hello Everyone, i would like to introduce another MUA doing great in the Nigerian Makeup Industry. Love Olaleye is the CEO of Flawless Touch and all i can say is ” i love LOVE”. Please Read on…

Can we meet you?
My name is Love Olaleye. I am the 2nd child from a family of 4 children, I am happily married to Mr. Olanrewaju  Olaleye popularly known as LBO and we are blessed with 3 lovely kids.
Can you share how your makeup journey started?

My journey into makeup began when I was a teenager. I used to watch my mum do her makeup although I wasn’t allowed to touch makeup till I was 18 years. Then when I got into college, I enjoyed applying makeup for friends so i became a Mary Kay Beauty Rep, I was selling makeup and doing free makeup for people, later on took a PRO Course with Brush Strokes and today here we are by God’s grace.

How do you stay ahead of competition?

Staying ahead of competition has been by the help of God. I made sure I followed the current trends; attended seminars and workshops in and outside Nigeria to keep abreast with the happenings in the makeup industry. I love to read so I buy books a lot especially when am abroad .I believe personal development is key to success, I also love to network with my colleagues in the industry, we rub minds and helps each other grow.
What makeup item can’t you do without?
The makeup items I find indispensable are Eyeliner, a good powder and fantastic mascara.
Can you share your worst experience with a client?
My worst experience with a client, hmm I think there was a bride I had when I started out, her church service was for 10 am and I got to her house for 6:30 am (I never go late for my appointments which is one of my strong point), i got there and her hair wasn’t done, infact she actually on her way to the salon, I waited and we ended up doing d makeup in the car I wasn’t happy at all.Five years from now where do you see yourself?

Five year from now, we look forward to becoming a household name in the makeup industry; most likely have our own brand of product.Mention makeup artist that inspire you both locally and internationally?

Makeup Artists that inspire me locally are BMPRO , Brush strokes, N’sure Beauty, Ewar, Sit pretty.Makeup Artist that inspire me internationally are Sam Fine, Jen James, Crystal Wright, James Vincent, Enkore, Danessa Myricks.

Favorite makeup quote

 Blend !Blend!! Blend!!!
Any advice for aspiring MUA
Advice for aspiring Makeup artist is to trust God, don’t settle for mediocrity keep improving on your knowledge and skills, take classes and find a mentor in the industry classes.

Makeup by Love Flawless International.

Love Flawless  08064979683.

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  1. Hi am a regular caller on ur blog,I must confess I love ur introducton is coming up sometimes in march but d date is not fixed though it like a palour thing buh want to look my best.I want to no how much it will cost me to me one of ur beautiful client.wink wink

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