Meet CEO of Beauty Matters.

Hello people,
How was your weekend?
Over the week, I met with a couple of Makeup Artists and I realized that lot of us Nigerian Makeup Artist don’t even know each other, although we share the same challenges in our industry.

I have created this Section “Meet the Gurus” for Makeup Artist we respect and Admire.

They will share their story of how they began etc so we can learn and be encouraged.

I am glad to introduce the delectable Osamu, a makeup lover, fellow MUA, very knowledgeable. Above all she’s got an amazing personality.

Can we meet you? (Name, Hobby and Educational background)

My name is Osamu Ogbonmwan, and I’m a makeup artist. I own a beauty business called Osamu’s Beauty Matters, my hobbies are makeup (of course, lol) and I love to read magazines. I attended University of Benin and I have a in Business Admin.

Why did you choose Makeup? And when did you start? At what point did you realize that you were going to do this full time?
I kind of stumbled into makeup because when I started out as a makeup artist, I really didn’t have a plan, I just took classes because I had a break between when I graduated and when I went for my NYSC. However as time went on, I began to fall more and more in love with the art. I started practicing as a makeup artist in 2007 and opened my studio in 2008 after I decided I’d be much happier working for myself and building my brand than working at some bank job.

What are your favorite brands and why?

I work with a variety of products but usually find myself reaching for my MAC and BM pro products more often than others. I love the coverage I get from MAC foundations and powders and the fact that they have such a wide variety of shades. I also really like the finish I get from their eye shadows. BM pro eye shadows always get me excited too, really bright colors!

What’s the craziest thing that a bride asked you for?
A bride once asked me to fix false lashes with rhinestones for her white wedding and I thought that was wayyy too much drama for a white wedding. A couple of brides have also insisted on makeup for the groom which I feel is a little weird.

You’re based in Benin how has it been so far? And how have you being able to capture the market over there n Lagos?

Benin is relatively in its growing stages when it comes to the beauty business and I think it has a lot of opportunities. Because Beauty Matters was one of the first makeup studio’s here, it has been relatively easy to capture the market.

You have grown since you first began, who were the key people in your development? Did you attend a makeup school or class?
I think the single and the most influential person that has sharpened my development in this business is Mrs Banke Meshida-Lawal, I admire her passion for the job and I kind of model myself after her. She’s super-talented. Yes, I I took makeup classes at House of Tara.

What do you find most challenging as a makeup artist generally? And how do you cope with that challenge?

As with most service rendering jobs in Nigeria, people tend not to take my job seriously and often talk down at you and I find this really annoying, but over time I’ve dealt with this by doing my very best to master and perfect my skills, this in turn brings a corresponding effect of respect and value for my services.

Who are your favorite top 5 makeup artists both locally and internationally and why? What top makeup artist were you surprised knew of you?

 My top 5 favorite makeup artists are:
a. Banke Meshida-Lawal, I love how she plays with colours.
b. Pat Mcgrath, she’s very innovative and sets trends.
c. Sam Fine, I love his foundation technique.
d. Kemi Kings, her business acumen is inspiring.
e. My no1 assistant Ashama, I love how he’s always willing to try out something new plus he’s just amazing with eyebrows.

Any advise to upcoming MUA ?

I think upcoming MUA’s should be more interested in enjoying and mastering the art of makeup, get proper training and excel at it first, it shouldn’t just be all about the money all the time.

A model for Osamu’s Beauty Matters.

Hope to bring more MUA your way,

Till my next post,
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  1. Wooooo, That’s my Big sis Osamu,my Idol in d Makeup Biz, nice 1 big sis, God will continue 2 enlarge ur territory

  2. Nice one OSamu, she did my trial makeup for my wedding but Ashama did d makeup on my wdding day. Shes got such an amiable pesonality. keep doing ur thing sis. All the best.

  3. Thank you for showing others d way…it has really be nice going thru your job pics. anytime. Proudly Edo woman, God bless you and take you higher.

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