Ageless Beauty.

Hello my people,i hope you all had a wonderful weekend at least i tried to.

We are already in the month of February and am very sure we are still making effort to keep our New Year Resolutions.(lol)
Today i am celebrating my Big Mummy (Ma Seriki),A mother,grand mother and great grand mother.

I admire and adore her totally,she defines the word “strong and disciplined “. She is very enterprising and humorous.
I finally begged her to allow me “Nsure” her look  since i couldn’t resist giving her the treat. She categorically told me not to make her look like a doll but a natural makeup.I tried my best.As soon as she saw herself i became her besto, she totally loved the finished result and that made my day.
I love u mummy.

Her Before
Her After



Sweet Mummy
She couldnt stop smiling.Lovely mummy.

Ageless Beauty!!!

Till my next post.


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