Online Presence 101 – Part 1

Hiya people,
It’s great to be in the month of September and contrary to popular belief and opinion, I don’t see how the “ember” months are any different from the rest of the months in the year. For what it’s worth, for me it signifies the end of the rainy season – Yippee weddings galore and of ‘cos Christmas – my best season ever.

Ok, ok before I get carried away with all the jingling bells, here’s something new we will be doing, well not entirely new but then I would be bringing your attention to what you know and don’t know. As usual it’s been a barrage of questions on how I am able to attain an online presence especially as I don’t do gossip and entertainment Nigerians love  .

I asked my consultant (don’t get scared that’s just a fancy name to make you respect him) if he would be kind enough to do a once a month series until you guy are good to go. So here we go below enjoy …… the rest of the post is him doing his thing.


Hi there ladies and maybe gentlemen,
Glad to be on this platform and welcome to the world of proactive online presence. This would be targeted at beauty experts, makeup artist etc but the principles can be applied to pretty much anything once you get the core concept.

Here’s how we will do this – it’s going to be very elementary , just like the way we were taught in primary school that stuck with us , so don’t be cross if I don’t begin with all the big words , the big idea is for you to be able to use whatever you read here.

First of all, it’s important for you to appreciate and understand the internet in order to be able to use it properly. Consider the image below, understand that the world is at the center of it all, the internet is the web that connects the whole world together, which means you can spin your internet web from Lagos ,Nigeria to connect someone in Paris, France , pretty nice isn’t it? 😉 . You have become some sort of internet super hero.


Now that we are clear let’s move on to what the internet is and what it is not. The internet is not just for connecting to an ISP so you can be on facebook , or chat with your friends on BBM , don’t get me wrong these are all great platforms we will be talking about later.
The internet is what you make out of it, let’s quickly look at the story of Psy , don’t know him ? Ok let me refresh your memory with this video ….

Contrary to what people believe Psy isn’t actually not a one day wonder that just shot out of the blues, this guy had been performing and practicing for 15 years no success until he used what I call one of the greatest platform in the world – YouTube. This guy who had been struggling for years now has 2 billion views on YouTube… don’t want to know how much he makes from each click.

So what are we saying here?? I am only trying to prepare your mind for what is to come, we will evaluate in steps how the internet can be your play ground using some great applications and platforms. Catch you sometimes later but till then keep exploring – the world is yours.

Mobolaji – Digital marketing strategist and social business enthusiast


  1. Am a fan of ur blog ,& I love wat ur doing. I knw little abt makeup but I want to be a pro like u , do u train students? how much will it cost to become a pro & duration?

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