Do – It – Yourself Gele tying.

Hey Guys,

It’s been a while yea and its been no fault of mine as my internet provider ( i will spare them by not dropping their name )  have refused to do what they promised me , thankfully it has been rectified.The weekend is here and i thought it would only make sense to give you something to keep you busy this weekend.

I have a lot of my clients and friends who love to attend parties almost every weekend asking me the easiest way to tie gele as  I cant always be there to help them tie every time. I have taken the liberty to  put together an easy step by step guide on how to tie Gele.

The Pictures below are self explanatory. I encourage you to Remember to Practice (Practice makes perfect) don’t give up.


Step 1. Fold the Gele into 2 equal half ( I am using half Gele )


Step 2. Wrap around your head.


Step 3.Overlap the Gele at the back of your neck


Step 4. Bring the hand of the Gele forward and pause at the middle of your forehead.


Step 5. Make a few pleat


Step 6. Take the pleat to the back


Step 7 Change hands to help create wings


Step 8. Fold to the middle of the neck where the other hand is


Step 9 Make sure you have a firm neat grip


Step 10. Make sure both edges are griped firmly


Step 11 Then tie tight (Twice if necessary)


Step 12  Make more pleat to the front of your Gele


Close up at the pleats

IMG_0055 copy

Side View

IMG_0057 copy

Front View.

I hope this helps and i have tried my best to make it look easy , please feel free to share and let me know if this helped.

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Till my next post,

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    • Hi Dotun,All i did for the pleat was to fold a little gele in front in for defination.i hope that helps. Otherwise let me know.Hugs.

  1. wow! i really enjoy dis teaching cos u explained tins in an elementary way and its helping me to make tins happen myself, tanks vry much

  2. This is really perfect and so easy. I am so happy to come across this. I already tried it and I gotnit right. Just to perfect it now. I will keep trying it in order to be perfect. You are a darling sister. Luv U

  3. i just saw dis practical on gele tieing and i know it will be very helpful to me. i love gele and have always wished i could tie it perfectly so i think dis is a step in d right direction.i had to print it out to go practice at home.Thanks.

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