The Before, the After and Photoshop.

I was on my phone minding my business when I came across this crazy meme , it got me cracking , I laughed until my tummy hurt. Makeup artists in Nigeria have become even better at artistry than the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci.


Hey , but the reality on ground is we need to watch it- as there is a thin line between love and hate , there is also a very very thin line between the before and after of makeup application. I kid you not when I say I have seen some wonders and with the kind of transformation I have seen I begin to wonder why the person didn’t just opt for plastic surgery.

Don’t get me wrong, makeup can transform you from plain Jane to a sexy Siren, it can also accentuate your features by giving you higher cheeks bones, pointed nose and bigger eyes and even a flawless skin with the right products and technique. You could hide all your blemishes and under eye wrinkles leaving you looking like you just got an instant facelift but I beg of you let us do it with some degree of moderation and the fear of God 

Now, what really got me into writing this post is the blatant bastardization of Photoshop. I have seen a picture where the nose of the person was literally chiseled off using the Photoshop wonder tool. It is worthy to note that makeup application should be based on personal preference as some like it loud while some prefer it natural/ subtle.

I am not against Photoshop either but then we need to understand what is real and what is not. Extreme cases of Photoshop have most certainly changed the consumer-producer relationship because client’s expectation wasn’t met.

When I started makeup application, Photoshop and other apps weren’t this popular, you couldn’t necessarily rely on photo retouching to do your job for you, but today – Hello, you see some makeup artists who refuse to blend foundation and powder properly, eyeshadow fallout, bleeding lips etc and then try to clean up using Photoshop blur.

For me ,the only acceptable time to use Photoshop is when there are blemishes , a cold sore or pimples mostly instances that’s do not require everyday makeup to cover .

When we apply makeup, it is done with a makeup brush not a magic wand and it is sometimes very difficult to explain to clients that most images they see on social media or magazine covers have been retouched either wither Photoshop, filter or an app.

To avoid disappointment or unrealistic expectation look in the mirror, there is no filter, app or Photoshop. Who you see is the real you, the reality on ground is that Photoshop is not real. Let’s try to live with that fact.

Till my next post,
love ,kisses and hugs

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