The Makeup and Photography Madness.

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Like the popular artist sang ” mo bo lowo won”  and for the benefit of you non- Yoruba speaking people, it simply means ” I have escaped from them”. Yep, I am back fully, no digital demon is going to keep me from my ever loving family.

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OK, so what’s the subject matter for today ? It is indeed a touchy subject that need to be addressed irrespective, the makeup and photography madness, it is touchy in the sense that we have three schools of thought on the subject matter. On one side we have the client demanding that the makeup artist turn her into a cosmopolitan model using the power of her makeup and camera to transform her into a diva, another school of thought believes that they need to enhance their jobs in order to gain any form of recognition in the industry  and then we have the final school of thought that consists of a scanty number of makeup artists who believe that the more natural and true to life the picture can look, the better.

So where do I belong ? Yep, you guessed right – I totally belong to the school of thought that embraces and supports natural looking pictures. The makeup industry today has a lot of makeup artists turning into photographer, investing heavily on photography gadgets and neglecting their core which involves investing in great brands like the Blackups  , the MACs etc.  So my question always is when I see a far off camera that has lens similar to what satellites use to beam down on the earth – Are you a makeup artist or a photographer ?

The reality is that I am also a trained  photographer and this only  helps me capture my work the way I love and want it. I had to take a class in photography because most times when I asked a  photographer to  help out,what I get is totally different from what I expected. It is usually over edited,  with the pores of the individual in the pictures totally invincible and making them look like a plastic doll.I do not as a matter of principle change Nkechi to Joy, rather I will give you Nkechi 2.0 🙂 , still Nkechi with a little more grace.

What makes this issue worse is the unemployment rate in Nigeria and the  zero barrier to entry into the makeup industry, thankfully that is soon to change with the launch of Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria M.A.G.N (Click HERE to learn more ).

I recently needed some accessories for my camera and so I headed to my ever trusty camera shop on the Island ,I call him Oga Neke. We had a very insightful conversation while I was there,  he told me about how a large number of his customers were makeup artists, that conversation must have spurred this post really.He further explained that most of them just wanted the most pricey camera without any knowledge of how it works and how it can help them.

Here is the crux of the matter , there is a need to draw the line, owning a camera doesn’t automatically make you a photographer neither thus is magically make your jobs look better, bottom line is you need to be trained in both. The trend among makeup artists is to acquire all the photography gadgets, I have seen  makeup artists with a canon 5D mark 111 camera worth almost a million naira and the question just readily pops up again – what are you, a makeup artist or a photographer ?   

The pressure on makeup artists to present angelic looking jobs on their social media handles  in order to get bookings has caused the increase in highly edited jobs. The problem is always replicating it on client’s face as they have seen it previously.

For those intending to buy cameras, I got a list from Oga Neke while I was with him, this will help you make informed decisions.


Cool pix L340 –                                                     N37,000

Canon 60D                                                             N225,000

Canon  700D with lens 18/55                            N155,000

Canon  Rebel T51 with kit lens 18/55           – N160,000

Canon 750D with lens 18/55                             N190,000

Canon 70Dwith lens 18/55                                N 350,000

Canon 80D ( Body alone)                                   N340,000

5D (body Alone)                                                N800,000

5D mark 111 with kit 24/105 lens                   N880,000

Canon 50mm lens (1.8)                                    N44,000

Nikon D32000 with 18/55 lens                      N105,000

Nikon D3300 with 18/55 lens                        N125,000

Nikon D5500 with 18/55                                 N210,000

Reflector Board from                                       N7000

External flash olong

External flash Youno

Memory card

Ring light with complete kit                           N75000

To wrap up , I have heard of an instance where a bride asked a makeup artist to send in her portfolio,  the makeup artist did just that and all she got from the would be client was a sly remark – ” sorry I cant book you because I am not feeling your pictures” Common people the artist is first a makeup artist, the quality of the photograph is for support.

Let me quickly put this out there –  instead of spending so much on photography gadgets, kindly invest in your kit(which is your business), buy quality foundations, powders etc instead of cheap and counterfeit products

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