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  • Lip Care .

    Hey everyone, I have been unavoidably absent for a while, I sure hope you have missed me ‘cos I have and it feels good to be back. It has been from photo shoots to makeup workshops to shopping for makeup and making brides beautiful. I love every minute of it and I hope to share […]

  • Lagos International Trade Fair 2012..

    Hello Everyone, The critical climatic change around the world is becoming intense by the day, while some parts of Europe and America are complaining of the cold, Nigeria has a different story to tell, it has been scorching hot. Inspite of this fact, I braved the sun today and finally summoned up enough courage to […]

  • Venus Facial Cream .

    Hello Everyone, i recently stumbled upon a product that worked wonders on my face and thought it would be beneficial for me to share with everyone.The Venus Light moisture face cream works wonders on your face without bleaching you, leaving your face rejuvenated and moisturized, formulated for the the African face and tropical weather. it […]


    Happy New Month Everyone, In my fulfilled sojourn in the makeup industry , I have been privileged(for lack of a better word) to meet a lot of guys that “claim” to be Makeup Artists but I am about to introduce you to one of Nigeria’s finest Male MUA, he goes by the name DAVE. David […]