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  • Matte Lipstick Trend – Sephora

    Nemaste beautiful people, If you are wondering what “nemaste” means well it is an ancient greeting in india which means “the spirit in me greets the spirit in you”. 🙂 fear not , i am simply operating on a slightly higher spiritual realm – we will journey together subsequently , stay tuned. The past weekend […]

  • 10 Tips on how to grow your business.

    Hey guyz, For us partial and you active football lovers ,i want to say congratulations on the progression to  the last sixteen , hope we make it to the quarter finals :). In the spirit of the celebration , i am going to touch on an issue i have received all manner of question on. […]

  • Nifemi’s Makeover

    Hi there beautiful people, Its been a fun weekend at Lagos Makeup & beauty fair , it was an awesome experience , watch this space for a recap. Speaking of awesome ,meet Mrs Nifemi Fagbohun an amazing makeup artist  CEO Niffy signature trust me when i say this with all sincerity – she is an […]

  • BMPRO Beauty Workshop in pictures.

    Hey there beautiful people , It was a special day yesterday, which is why i want to take out time to wish all the “men” a happy fathers Day in arrears , God continue to bless you as you hold the family firm together. Sometimes last week, I attended the one-day-hands-on workshop organized by BMPRO […]

  • 5th Lagos Makeup and Beauty Connect Series .

    Hi there beautiful people, This year i haven’t caught a breather, well of course except the few days vacation i had some weeks back , come to think of it what do i need a breather for ?? there are far too many exciting things going on and there’s just no reason to miss them. […]

  • Asta Waterproof Gel Liners by Hegai & Esther

    Hey people, I am here and better like i promised , I guess the break was well deserved 🙂 . Sometimes this week I talked about the rain and how it affects your makeup , if you missed that then check Makeup look for raining day , anyway, the good news is that I got a […]

  • Dubai Beauty Vacation.

    Hey Glam people. I am back , it is almost impossible for me to tell you guys how much i missed you all. Where have i been ??  –  i have been on a much needed vacation with some other amazing makeup artist. I am extremely thankful  to Omolola of Pops concepts for putting it […]