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  • Photoshoot with Kelly Green

    Hiya People, We had a ground breaking record achieved last weekend  – – There was no wedding in the whole of  Nigeria 🙂  . Another record broken is the peaceful nature in which the election was conducted , we pray it remains same even after the results have been announced. Well, all round the weekend […]

  • Television Feature – Inside Eve

    Hey beautiful people , It’s a somewhat tense season in Nigeria amidst all the campaigns and counter campaigns , I  trust God to steer us in the right direction irrespective. On a lighter mode , I put up a picture on my display picture and I got so so many people asking – “were you […]

  • Elizabeth Arden Exclusive Media Launch .

    Hi there beautiful people, When I started out on this makeup journey, I asked myself severally if this was going to be worth it. Several years down the line , this question has answered itself repeatedly.This industry is here to stay and growing bigger and better and with the new founded guild , expect greater […]