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  • Misykona interview at Arise News Network

    Hey beauties, It was a fun weekend for me despite the downpour on Saturday, it was still awesome. Let me share my interview on international television :), trust me it was an exhilarating experience. I was invited to talk about the beauty industry and to share my journey as a professional makeup artist( Nsure beauty […]

  • Dubai

    5 places to travel during Ramadan on a budget

    Hello beautiful people, The Ramadan holidays are fast approaching and it coincidentally falls during the first few matches of the world – talk about a perfect holiday! I am excited even though I have decided to spend the holidays in Badagry (don’t ask me where, it’s my secret haven 🙂  ) . Yea, I know […]

  • Non-toxic nail polish and nail remover for my personal use

    Hey beauties, We all need a reason to live, life might be full of ups and downs but it is well worth living. I am still shocked at the death of one of the best storytellers on the surface of this earth – Anthony Bourdain. I am saddened at his death even though it is […]

  • Ryam Beauty Unicorn Elixir Review.

    Hey beauties, Looks like the review spirit has taken over :), it has become somewhat difficult to get those reviews out as there are tons still left to review so I have decided to take them one after the other so-help-me-God. Right, so I got this package from Ryam Blushes called the Ryam Beauty Unicorm […]