3 Reasons why I don’t hate Linda Ikeji.

Hi there people,

It’s been an interesting week altogether which happened to climax with some sensational news of a Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji who just acquired a N600m mansion ….yep….you read it right, a staggering N600m at the famous and highly coveted by all – almighty banana island.

This news has been accepted with mix feelings all over the internet with slurs and praises taking center stage but then in all the madness  I ask myself what is there not to love about this diva ?  Why on earth would I hate/hate on  her ?

I personally don’t hate her ‘cos she is has set a great standard for women , I personally don’t hate her ‘cos  she has a relate-able story of rising from the doldrums  , I personally don’t hate her ‘cos that babe has been ever consistent.

Ok , stay with me while I try to break the 3 reasons quickly :


Her N600m House.


1.Standard for women – In our present society where it has seemingly become the norm for young girls to blame the  society and therefore engage in faster ways to make money, this diva has  set an albeit taller than life standard for all Nigerian ladies. Believe me , when I heard the news , I became triple inspired to go all out to make the best out of life irrespective of what the society or the norm poses to me. If she can then I sure can too 🙂

2.Her story – I read her story a while back when she talked about how she lost all her money printing a magazine and she literally had to pick herself up from the debt and all to build this humongous advertising empire. Stories like these are what keep me alive , it just goes to say that life is a journey in which you are the unsung protagonist , you go all out to make the best of it irrespective , suffice to say that if life throw lemons at you , then be ready to make lemonade out of it.

3.Consistency – This is the singular word I could use to describe Linda , she has been on this blogging thingy for some good number of years spanning a decade now if I am not mistaken.Trust me, it didn’t all just fall in place like that , she had a vision and a focus and stuck with it through thick and thin. You and I could learn a thing from this especially when we feel we can’t handle the pressure anymore.

There you have it , 3 cogent reasons why I do not hate the queen of gossip as some refer to her. I have drawn strength from her success and will continue to do so. Have a great weekend beautiful people.

Till my Next post,

Hugs and Kisses





  1. I feel you Yemisi. Congratulations to her. I definitely have mixed feelings about this, not the purchase of the house, that’s great, but the publicity of it.

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