5 best hair colors for dreadlocks.

Hey beauties, I’ve had my hair locked for over ten years and I’m so happy that I did because it suits my personal style. I couldn’t maintain my hair up and wanted something simple and enjoyable. Is it possible that I’m bored? ‘Not just yet,’ . I’ve found my own way of reinventing my hairstyle by shortening it, curling it, and even dying it.
Dreadlocks can be spiced up and styled in a number of ways, and contrary to popular belief, maintenance is simple. I have a post on how I grew my edges too here.
Here are some major issues to be considered.
Is dying your dreads harmful?
Is it better to dye my locs wet or dry?
When should I get my locs dyed?
How do you dye locs without causing harm?
My advice is to find a licenced loctician in your area and just get started.

Red Head
Purple Head
Multi color Head
Green Head
Ginger Head

Best Dreadlock Hair Colors
There are numerous brands out there that display the best colour for dreadlocks. However, recognizing the components and the feedbacks is essential.
Here are some organic hair dye options if you’re searching for the safest hair dye for locs.                                                                                                        Herbatint hair colour permanent gel
Garnier’s nutrisse ultra color
Choose an expert to complete the task. This can help to protect your hair from serious harm. That’s everything there is to it. Which hue is your personal fave, and do you prefer dreadlocks?

Till my next post , Hugs and love

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