5th Lagos Makeup & Beauty Connect Series in Pictures.

Hi Glammies,

Expectation were in high spirits yesterday when our very own super eagles squared with the Iranian team in the world cup holding in Brazil , trust me i was on the edge of my seat all through ,unfortunately my expectations were shattered by the play.  On the flip side , one event that has failed to disappoint me is the the  makeup and beauty connect series.

The 5th makeup and beauty connect series held the past Sunday and it was  short of not wanting to use the word b*mb for security reasons 🙂 , it was excellent.Organised by Omolola of pops concepts , the event has indeed come a long way and at this edition we had makeup artist from abuja (Jide- StOla) from Benin (Osamu- Beauty Matterz ) and from Portharcourt (funke-Gifty’s daughter).

The event  centered around Introduction, networking, and sharing of tips on how to move ones business to the next level.Jide and Osamu shared on the need have a cordial/ healthy relation amongst makeup artist and and to aspire to be globally competitive.

In attendance were  some makeup brands -Lindoirs, Akira ,Glam makeup and hair merchant  who also took out time to talk about their brands and give goodie bags out for makeup artists to sample  and also register as representatives.




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A big thank you to everyone who made it to the event.

Till my next post,



  1. Seriously crying @yemisi where is my picture ooooooooooooo. I won’t tlk to you anymore. #sadmuch#

  2. Yemisi, the match was a real disappointment but the Beauty Connect Series still remains fresh. Thanks for the opportunity given to GLAM’S MAKE-UP to speak to the participants. We truly appreciate you all. You guys are happy people! Cheers.

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