A Fresh Start, 2022…


Happy New Year beauties,

Oh, how I have missed popping up here, sharing my thoughts, finds, and honest reviews. I think the last time I was genuinely excited about writing anything was before the Lockdown in March 2020 but I promise to be a little more consistent from now on. A lot of things have happened and I can’t wait to share them all with you ? I am currently not posting much on Instagram and YouTube because I feel a disconnection and no longer enjoy those spaces as much as I used to. Tiktok on the other hand has helped me a lot with useful life tips ? (not so active there either – Misykona )

My comeback here is to find a safe space where we can share our experiences, positivity, and thoughts on issues like lifestyle, beauty, entrepreneurship, wellness, fitness, food, etc. No goal setting from my side this year but I have a few items on my bucket list, One of which is to visit CHINA!!! Develop a viable network and get a better understanding of how their cosmetic industry and factories work. Although, I am content with the joy that comes from knowing I am making progress no matter how little it is right now at my pace and not mersin escort complacent. All I can say for now is GOD can indeed be trusted and he is faithful. That’s all for now, I would love to hear from you, what are your plans for this year? Or what would you like for us to talk about?

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Kindly follow me on my other social antalya escort media platforms. Youtube MIsykona Instagram MISYKONA Love and light, Misykona ❤

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