I believe strongly that beauty comes from within; it is overly dependent on what you believe in. You go straight to your favorite beauty site or magazine and quickly form an opinion that this/that is how beauty should work for you. I can tell you for free and in some cases stipends that I will only ask you to rock what you are comfortable with , that being separated from the equation and I might not be able to help you.

People say I laugh a lot , I guess I got that from having a less serious overview on life and take things in their stride ;it’s never  a do-or-die rather it’s a do-or-do philosophy for me , I always shoot for  a win-win situation. This outlook on life I have found out makes one beautiful through and through.

I have been able to transform my passion for makeup and beauty into a career and I have garnered valuable experience over my 7 year sojourn into the beauty foray. I have worked with notable brands such as MAC , Nouba, Maybelline which has earned notable spots on the annual Lagos fashion week , Mania ,This day style  etc .

I have been through the four walls of a university up until post grad level just in case that popped up in your head  J . I am by every means a thorough professional who has set out to help humanity in my own little way.

The Blog

My blog is a beauty blog in Nigeria that tackles mundane issues as it concerns beauty and well being .It is poised to educate and inform you in a way not too uptight that you get bored and not too unserious that you don’t learn anything. My goal is to help women feel beautiful from within using techniques that I have personally tested and tried. Tell your friends about the blog and make sure you never stop coming back.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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