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  • Korean Beauty brand - Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

    How Korean skincare has taken over the globe in recent years.

    Hey beauties, I am inspired by how quickly K BEAUTY has grown, due to significant investment and support from the Korean government, its entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the patronage of Koreans. How did Korean skincare products gain popularity in the globally? Korean pop music (K-pop) Musical groups like as BTS, EXO, and BLACKPINK had massive global […]

  • Beautyexpo Australia 2023.

    Hey beauties, I attended Beautyexpo Australia 2023 in Sydney on August 26th, it was an exciting time for me; it felt like I won a lottery; it was a fantastic way to become acquainted with Australian beauty products and grasp the full beauty ecosystem in Sydney. It was my first time attending a beauty tradeshow […]

  • Castor Oil benefits I saw after one month use.

    Hey beauties, I would love to share my Castor oil benefits I saw after one month use. This er my timeline and thanks to Bar to buy this product was influenced by TIKTOK ( Tiktok made me buy it ) and I have no regrets at all. It was made popular by Barbara O Neil […]

  • Makeup shopping in Sydney -MECCA MAXIMA

    Hey beauties, come makeup shopping in Sydney at MECCA MAXIMA with me. I am gradually getting back into beauty shopping despite my low makeup buy rule.. MECCA stores are massive and have a wide range of products, instore you are allowed to try on the product and just browse without any issues from staff. This […]

  • Olaplex and Oladupé Marketing Campaign #dupeculture

    A brief story of how a brand handled the #dupeculture as Olaplex introduces the Oladupe marketing campaign. The all-time greatest dupe campaign.Let me begin by describing what a ‘Dupe’ is. Dupes are things that appear and feel like high-end products but cost a fraction of the price. Duplicates are positioned as “alternatives” to the original […]

  • 2 Life Lessons I’ve Learned at 40-Something…

    Hey beauties, it’s my birthday and i am sharing 2 Life Lessons I’ve Learned at 40-Something.I am loving it here on the 4th floor to be honest.Firstly, social media is causing you to believe that one getting older is scary or you’re not enough if you fail to comply with some beauty / lifestyle standards […]

  • Is Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in One worth the Hype?

    If you haven’t used any K-Beauty product, you are missing out. Not only are Korean beauty product affordable they actually work ! is Cosrx Advanced snail 92 All in One worth the hype? keep reading to find out….I am off the bandwagon of buying tons of skincare products. I buy only what works for me […]

  • Spring walk

    5 reasons why Spring is my favorite Season…

    Hello beauties, its a beauty new month and my best season here. Here are 5 reasons why spring is my favorite season. I am currently in the United Kingdom and I can tell you right now that my favourite season is Spring. My current obsession is going for long walks with my son and admiring […]

  • 2023, Living so far…

    Welcome to 2023, and Happy New year. I know we are almost done with February 2023 but I feel I needed to say this and get it moving . lol. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions anymore, so I just begin my year together with God and trust him to direct my actions ?.One major […]

  • My Top Best Skincare 2022.

    Hey beauties, My top best skincare 2022 are the items I use daily, it appears as if a new cleanser, facial moisturiser, or serum is launched, promising to enhance your skincare routine and deliver clear, clean, glass-like skin. Deep-sea algae and licorice root tease visible results, from smoother skin texture to relatively minimal pores and no […]

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