Beauty Connect Series 2 – More Pictures

Hey Beautiful People ,

The weather in Lagos has been out of this world , its been like how hot ?? – 70 degree and over . I am guessing the weather affected my internet service too , maybe, just maybe their system experienced an override 🙂 and i have not been able to upload pictures. I believe it has been rectified now and i sincerely regret the delay.

I have uploaded the rest of the pictures for the Makeup Beauty connect series held last week Sunday , trust me when i say if you weren’t there you missed out on a lot. We had makeup artists from America Jakie Aina (lilpumpkinpie05) who came for the social media week organised by My makeup Ng and heard about the event in attendance , we had one of my favorites Funke Giftys daughter share her own story of her she began her journey in the industry , Sisiyemmie a seasoned blogger talked about How to use the internet promote your business , we also had Tobi Maguire share some tips on photography .Omolola Faleye gave insights on how to construct an Elevator pitch , some other guests also shared some tit bits and finally an interactive session where bothersome questions were answered ; the highlight of the event was the goodie bag given out by Sleek Studio – that put a smile on everyone’s face. Enjoy the rest of the pictures below

Sleek Studio Goodies Bag.




IMG_3546 IMG_3505

IMG_3496IMG_3510IMG_3555IMG_3561IMG_3511IMG_3524IMG_3564IMG_3585IMG_3588IMG_3597IMG_3621DSC_0439IMG_3625IMG_3599IMG_3631 IMG_3644IMG_3643IMG_3650IMG_3657IMG_3658IMG_3664IMG_3671IMG_3683DSC_0500DSC_0426DSC_0468DSC_0544



Feel free to send me pictures ( if you weren’t here.

Get Ready the next Connect Series is coming up June 15th, trust me you don’t want to miss it.

It was wonderful meeting all of you,

Till my next Post,

Hugs and Kisses ,



  1. Looks like you guyz had an amazing time, I must attend the next one by God’s grace and pickup my goodie bag oo.Kudos the Nig Makeup Industry.

  2. Omolola,Yemisi and Nifemi, you guyz rock. Welldone, can’t wait for the next meeting, I had so much fun and learnt a lot.i can’t wait for the next one in June.Thanks SleekStudio Nigeria for my goodie bag.

  3. Awesome Awwesome Awwwwesome..I’m so glad I attended this great gathering..we were feed with powerful info for business success..and I never even talk our gooodie bag..june 15 ..we don ready..Yemisi..God will make all grace abound to all good things..@ all times and in all that you do..

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