Best oil control primers for oily skin

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OK, so what’s the skinny for today?  The Harmattan season is rapidly vanishing and that only means one thing –  we are going to hitting the dry season pretty soon and you know what accompanies the dry season?  yep , you guess it , the uncomfortable heat.

Its’s not usually a good time for those of us with oily skin as you tend to sweat more leaving you with different kinds of skin conditions. As a makeup artist and because I love you guys so much( I hope I don’t end up smoldering you guys with too much love 🙂 )  .


I am constantly looking for ways to help keep makeup fresh and long lasting especially for people with oily and combination skin,I have combination skin and I am always on the lookout for products that can make my makeup stay fresh for a longer period which is why I invest in a lot of primers and setting sprays . Here’s  a list of what I use that could be beneficial to you:

BECCA Ever Matte Pore less Priming Perfector
This product prevent shine and immediately mattes the skin for hours 6 to 8 hours . It also ensures that your makeup doesn’t move or smudge and also minimizes the appearance of pores. It is made in a squeezable tube, does not have fragrance, it feels thick initially but when you warm with your hands and pat on the skin it becomes light.
It is water based and oil free

How to use
Apply your face moisturizes with SPF and allow to dry a few minutes
Warm pea size amount in hand before gently patting onto specific areas of Concerns i.e Bridge of the nose, Cheek bone, fore head and Chin

It gives a matte finish
Lash for hours and it is sweat and humidity resistant
Free of silicon, oil, alcohol and fragrance
Great for people with oily skin and combination skin
It can also be used on the eyelids to keep eye shadow in place

Do not rub but pat to get a better result.
If you use too much it becomes a mess and balls up as residue.


Becca Primer

Makeup Forever All Mat Base Matifiante Visage Face Matifying primer
It’s and oil free and colorless gel that absorbs the excess sebum from the face and also acts as a primer

How to apply
Apply a little with your finger before you put on your foundation. Pat on your nose, forehead and chin.
It can also be used as a makeup primer; it helps to make the makeup application easier and long lasting

It leaves and invisible film that disappears into the skin

Excess can cause the makeup to be blotchy
Great for combination skin but might not work well for oily skin

Makeup forever HD all mat primer

Makeup forever All Mat Primer

Blackup Fluide Matifiant
Its ultra light and oil free and helps to also hydrate the skin and leave the skin matte. It has a whitish color that disappears to clear when applied on the face.

Oil free
Ultra light texture


Blackup matifier
BMPRO Skin Velvet Mattifying Base
It is a gel based primer that sucks up oil from the face and also acts makes the foundation application smooth. It has a bit of creamy color.

It gives a velvety smooth finish
Its hydrates the face
It s gives a shine free effect
Little quantity is needed

Excess application makes the makeup grayish and blotchy

BM Pro Primer

Makeup Forever Step 1 skin Equalizer primer
It is a makeup primer that balances the skins texture and tone for a smooth, even and long lasting makeup wear.
It also helps to prep the skin and its light weight and creamy which helps to increase foundation holdand alsoleaves skin looking fresh for hours while it hydrates, firms and smoothen the skin


Evens skin texture, prep normal skin and restores balance moisturizes, and neutralizes the appearance of redness on skin

I think it is worthy to note that I haven’t been given any of this products to review. I bought them with my money and I have stated my honest opinion about them, hope it helps.

What oil control primer are you currently loving ? Kindly share .

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