How to remove makeup 5 easy steps.

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The rainy season is gradually coming to an end  ……Yipeeee !!!! and this  could only mean one thing  – the parties are here in their splendor 🙂 . Never mind me a girls got to make a living **covers face**

Speaking of which ,sometimes last week my Divalicious Mummy Mrs Aderemi Adeyemo(kisses) asked me if i could shed light on how to remove make up and that got me thinking  – how do most ladies remove makeup from their faces everyday ! Trust me I should get a medal for being lazy about removing makeup from my face but when i remember the almighty breakout and pimples , i jump up to get it done.

Taking off makeup is so important if you want to maintain a spotless face.Note however that I am not talking about your skin care regime but the way you take off makeup from your face.

Here are the ways to take of makeup easily

1. Taking off your eye makeup. Mascara , eyeliners and eyeshadow are the hardest and also remember that the skin around the eye is very sensitive. Use a gentle eye makeup remover , put a little in a cotton ball place  on your lids,eyelashes for a few seconds and swipe .I use MAC Eye and lips makeup remover.


2.Steam your face if you can  this helps to break down foundation and powder product and also opens up your pore and ,makes your cleaning very easy.

3.Clean your lips with a wipe or apply a small amount of petrolatum jelly to your lips, and gently rub and wipe off your lips.

4.Use a face wash or soap and water and wash all the last traces of makeup and dirt off your skin so that your skin can breathe.I use Black opal face wash.


5.Dab your face dry and apply a little bit of face moisturizer to soothe your skin. I use Venus light moisture  face cream

Another faster way is to use baby wipe or makeup wipes to take off your makeup if you are too tired .They work great and they are cheap! I prefer Makeup Wipes because it cleans better.i use MAC Wipes

Remember to wash and clean your makeup brushes regularly , do not share makeup products,try not to sleep with your makeup on ,if you can go bare face (without makeup for some days) do ,so that your skin breathe.

Kudos to all the women who go through the rigors of applying makeup and removing it every day.

I would like to learn from you, how do you take off your makeup and what products do you use?

Till my next post, wash your hands and sanitize regularly.

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  1. Yaaaaaaay !!!! I’m the first to leave a message! Thanks so much Yemisi — I really needed this — I’m ashamed to think of the number of times I have tumbled in to bed after a late night … Putting make up on is fun taking it off is such a pain! Thank you Misykona

  2. I remove my makeup using simple makeup remover then wash my face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.Afterwards I use witch hazel as a face toner then apply simple moisturiser

  3. I’m so lazy about removing makeup from my face, but I do it anyway..albeit grudgingly. For my eyes though, I rub Vaseline all over my eye makeup and then swipe it all off with baby wipes. It slides off so easily. I also use Vaseline on my lips.

    Great post!

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