Black Opal Tea Party Event in Pictures.

Bonjour beautiful people,

Ok so the site was off the grid for a little, we had to take a little while off to put some tweaks in place , I really do appreciate all your concerns when I was offline , you are all beautiful people ­čÖé .There will be some changes in our style of information so keep your fingers crossed and keep us bookmarked.

Alright, now that we are clear that I will be bringing some real great goodies your way , let’s quickly go back a few days to the Black Opal tea party. The event was a mixer that had beauty bloggers , editors and makeup artists in attendance.

The team had in attendance  Mariam who is the  head of international sales ,Ebony the  internal sales and co-coordinator of E-commerce and also Maya, vice-president of marketing. All these great women had a lot to share about the progress of the brand and their aspirations for the Nigerian market , also in attendance was Mrs Fashola (Kuddy) the Nigerian Rep who shared a bit of her journey with us.

Have fun viewing !!!

Mariam , Kuddy , Ebony and Maya.
Some Talented Makeup Artists at the Event. Rhema, Lilian, Doyin and Taiwo
Lola Maja, Kuddy and Ojuloge
Ada and Stella



Goodie bag

It was a nice mixer and a great platform for makeup artist to know more about the brand and their representatives in Nigeria  and also to ask questions .

I look forward to another beautiful mixer.

Till my Next post,

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