Building Your Professional Makeup Kit.

Hey Beauties,

How are we all doing this beautiful month of May? It’s rapidly coming to an end and I am always expectant in this my birth month for something great, it’s not over yet so I am still trusting something wonderful will give soon ­čÖé

Alrighty, back to the subject matter of this post , I have had a lot of client ask why the rates of makeup artist vary from one artist to another, I have tried several times to break it down although it always seems like a difficult task . I have tried to make them understand though that one major factor asides from years of experience and skill is the product they have in their kit.


Building a professional makeup kit takes time and it is an investment even though I am pretty certain many don’t see it that way . However, there are a lot of factors to consider such as product knowledge, the weather, skin type, ingredients, brand awareness etc.

Your kit should be streamlined along the lines of the type of makeup artist you are i.e Bridal, Special Effects , Runway, Fashion etc.

When putting together a professional makeup kit, it is very important to note that the products you are expected to have in your kit are for professional .It’s simple really, the same way you won’t expect a doctor to treat you with a┬áfirst aid kit is the same way is the same way you wouldn’t want to attend to a client with what could be best described as an emergency kit.

What you have or donÔÇÖt have in your kit separates an expert from an amateur, to stand out you need to let go of favoritism and focus on selecting practical essentials and time tested products with benefits .

Quality over Quantity should always be your watch word but this doesnÔÇÖt mean you should stock up on the expensive products, note that ┬ábecause it is expensive does not mean it’s good quality. Permit me to say that some expensive brands are worthless as they do not fit into helping you achieve the best for your client. It is essential for you to always do your research, ask questions at the beauty counter and read product review from reputable blogs and professionals.

Some brands like  Elf, NYX, Wet and wild, L.A Girl, Maybelline, Coastal scent, BH cosmetic, Citi color, Plush, cover girl, Mabrook are inexpensive but good.

Mid Range such as Revlon , LÔÇÖOreal, Crown brush, Real technique, MAC, Sigma, Urban Decay, Stilla , Ben Nye, Sephora, Zaron, Tara, BM PRO, BLOT cosmetics, Makeup Revolution,Maybelline, Mehron, Prestige, Face Atelier, l.o.g cosmetics( Natural line) Sonia Kashuk, Hegai&Esther, Morphe, Black Opal, Mary Kay , Kuddy, Sleek , Nos 7, Milani, Color Pop, Anastasia Beverly Hills are also good

Expensive brands like Make Up For Ever, Illamasqua, YSL, Gucci, Armani, Guerlain ,Nars, Channel , Lancôme, Christian Dior, Black UP, Becca, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier,  are also options to be considered.

Also make sure all the products in your professional makeup kit are original because we deal with the skin, I can tell you for free that you will end up with one angry client.Always remember, buying FAKE product is NOT an option.I have made it a point of duty to preach on health and safety after my nasty experience with a FAKE product.

Makeup Case


The first thing you need is something to keep all your products safe and also move around with. I prefer a case that is made of fabric and has wheels, I dislike the hard metal cases because with time they can get scratched and dismantled. It is easier to wheel around my case especially when I have to travel. I bought ZUCA backpack from Gifty’s Daughter 5 years ago and I am still rocking it, I use it for location jobs .I use big hand bags and clear pouches┬áfrom Beauty Essentials by N’sure (B.E.N) to pack to my clients that I already know to reduce load.

Makeup Brushes 


I can never have enough makeup brushes as I am obsessed with brushes. Make sure you Invest in a good quality brush that will last you for years. Makeup brushes are very important as they determine your finishing and I recommend starting off with brushes that are affordable and decent quality like MAC, Sigma, ELF , Morphe , Bdellium, Sonia Kashuk, Real Technique, Crown brush, Coastal scent, Zaron , Tara , Hegai & Esther to mention a few.

Beauty Essential by N’sure Makeup Mat


Your Makeup workstation is more organized with the use of these makeup mat, once you set up you can see what you have out and this reduces the time spent rummaging into your box looking for a makeup product .Theft reduction if any item is missing you immediately see. Prevents stains or mess from surface area.

Makeup Remover / Wipes

I use baby wipes in my kit because nobody reacts to it, I use them to wipe surface, stains and clean mistakes etc Pampers, Johnson and Dr Brown are my favorites. I also use Mary Kay liquid Makeup Remove, NYX Cosmetic, Inglot for change of makeup and wipe matte lipsticks.

Brush Cleaner

I am in love with Parisian spirit, it is my favorite brush cleaner( smells so fruity) Cinema secret does a good job of disinfecting / sanitizing my brushes as well. You can try Inglot and MAC cleaner too. For deep cleaning I use Johnson baby soap or Hegai & Esther brush shampoo.


I use Alchol to disinfect makeup product and tools, note that anything lesser than 70% to 99.99% wont kill bacteria. I decant into a spray bottle which makes it easy for me to carry around, also use this to disinfect and clean brushes quickly in between jobs( dries faster)

Makeup Cape

It is necessary to do makeup with a makeup cape, it keeps dirt / stains / product off of your clients clothes.


It assists you in shaping the unruly hairs on your clients face. I also love using tweezers to apply fake eyelashes.

Eyelash Curler

I use to pre curl lashes and press together fake lashes and real lashes to give a more natural effect.

 Cuticle Scissors or Beard Trimming Scissors

I use the small cuticle scissors to trim unruly eyelashes, to trim false lashes and even bushy brows

 Hand Mirror

It is used to view the progress or finished result of the makeup application

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must have for your kit, make sure you use before touching the face of the client to prevent infections / spread of bacteria and keeps your hands smelling nice/fresh.


Tissue is used as a blotting paper , dab on sweat and oil or tears. I use the Big Bounty and Paloma tissue.

Cotton Bud

Cotton Bud is used to correct mistakes i.e smudge liner, bleeding lips etc and take out stains from corners and also used to blend out products. You can find in pharmacies or supermarket around.

Disposable Applicators( Palette, Spatulas, disposable lip and Mascare wands Wedges)

It always use disposable applicators i.e lipstick, mascara wand, wedges/sponges/puffs from Giftys daughter store or Hegai and Esther .Disposable plastic mixing palette for mixing foundation, lip colour, gel liner ,etc, Disposable spatula to scoop foundation and other cream products. Disposal Applicators prevent the spread of infection.

Powder Puff

Powder puffs helps set my powder application, I use it to apply powder under eye when highlighting. It come in different sizes Small and Large . I got my last Alcone powder puff supply from Gifty daughters store.

Visine/ Red Eye Drops

Most brides always end up with red eyes due to lack of sleep on their wedding day , first ask if the client has any allergy to visine, if not use the visine before you start the makeup application.


It’s important to have different types / forms/shade/ colors of foundations in your kit that will work any skin tone and shade, it could be a palette or single shade although pallets works best when working on more than one client.

Foundation Pallet helps to be better prepared for any more client and I would recommend Ben Nye ,Cinema Secrets, Bobbi Brown face pallete, Make Up Forever pallete, Tara ,Mehron Celebre pro HD Foundation.

For single affordable ┬áFoundation brands you can get Mary Kay medium coverage, Mary Kay matte wear, LÔÇÖOreal, Black Radiance, Milani, Revlon Color stay , Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Matte poreless foundation ( although the darkest shade is Mocha which isnÔÇÖt so dark) Smashnbox. High end brands like MAC waterproof foundation, BlackUp Matifying foundation, Lanc├┤me, Estee Lauder, Kat Von D, Black Opal Even True, Nars, Makeup Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisibible Cover foundation, MAC studio Fix foundation, Bobbi Brown, Becca.

In other to build coverage you can apply foundation with a beauty blender or stippling brush, spray a setting spray i.e MAC Fix Plus to make the coverage lighter/sheer.


Powders are used to give a flawless and matte finish, it could b e compact powder / loose powder / pallete / single powder.

Pallete powders such as Ben Nye, Sacha pallet, Zaron , Tara, Graftobian Pro Poudre HD, Sleek, Morphe, Flori Roberts etc

Affordable Single powders  are Maybelline, Black Opal loose powder , Milani , Kuddy , NYX, Flori Roberts, MakeUp Forever HD Micro finish powder, MAC mineralize Skin finish, Bobbi Brown ,Fashion Fair, Laura mercier powder.

Setting powders are powders that you apply directly on foundation that helps to set and mattify makeup. This could be tinted or translucent Laura Mercier Loose setting powder, Sonia Kashuk Undetectable loose powder, Becca blot powder, MAC Blot powder, Sacha butter cup, Ben Nye (Banana) Make Up Forever HD powder.


Blushes helps to give a refreshed , flushed look, It adds a pop of colour to the cheek. I love La Femme blush palettes, Nouba Blush Pallete, Ben nye,Makeup Revolution Blush pallete. Singles -Milani, MAC, Zaron, Tara , Blackup,Black Opal,

Contour and Highlight kit

I love to put more definition to the face by highlighting and contouring. I love Citi colour, Zaron, Anastasia Beverly hill contour cream kit, Elf  , Maybelline Cacao powder or use dark brow filler for contouring and blend well.

Concealers and Correctors

Concealers are used for to highlight the under eyes, cover scares,┬á acne , hype pigmentation while correctors ┬áare often used to hide more of┬á tattoos, and dark spots .I use L.A girl HD concealers , MAC select cover up concealers, Plush pallete, Makeup forever Flash Pallete, Cinema secrets, Ben Nye, graftobian,Khuraira L,A girl correctors – Green , orange works great.


This is where you also invest, Make sure its quality over quantity, it should be pigmented , long lasting and crease proof.

I would recommend getting some shades from MAC Cosmestic , Ben Nye eyeshadow pallete, , Morphe/Ease cosmetics, Color pop, Coastal scent , Plush pallete, Urban Decay Naked Pallet, Revealed, Inglot , Sleek, MUA Makeup Academy Eyeshadow Pallete, Lorac Pro  eyeshadow pallete, Bobbi Brown Nude on nude, Glazzi ,


Eye liner helps to open up the eyes and there are a few products you can use. I love to work with smudge proof because of our tropical weather. Mabrook eyeliner, zaron, Sleek, Make Up For Ever Eye, Stila pencil, MAC smoldering, Black Up Le Smokey waterproof pencil, Maybelline colossal kajal. Eyeko

You can also use gel eyeliner from Hegai & Esther , Blot cosmetic, Zaron, Inglot, Mac paint pot, apply with angle brush , just dip into the gel and create any look you want.

I love felt tip pen because they are from a pointed thin tips , leaves no mess. Zaron , L.A girl. Milani, Black Up, NYX,  Make Up For Ever.

Eyepencils, Brow gels and Powders

I am love my eyebrows looking natural, My favorites products are MAC eyebrow pencil, Maybelline, Benefit, Davis, Ever sheen, Airwoman, Jordana, catch me.

I use eyebrow gels BLOT , Zaron, Hegai & Esther, MAC Dip down, Anastasia Beverly hills, NYX

Brow filler like Zaron, Jordana, Inglot, Elf .


I use love Maybelline Great lash , LÔÇÖOreal Voluminous, Blot Fiber mascara, Revlon, MAC Zoom lash.

Fake Eyelashes and Adhesive

I love Ardell strip lashes , both there are other brands like red cherry, bee lashes , Titolon , Voan, Glamtouch, Hegai&Esther , BH cosmetics, Zaron. Monda, Arthimatic, Kiss.

I use Duo, Ardell , lockon lash glue, and you can find them in any beauty supply store.

Lipstick and Lip Liners

I save money on lipsticks and lip pencils,  I mix and match from what I have and not buy every single color. Lipsticks come in different forms and texture i.e shimmery , matte, semi matte , moisturizing lipsticks. Brands like MAC , Estee lauder, NYX, Nouba, OCC Lip tars, sephora, BlackUp, Kuddy , Zaron, Blot lipsticks, Ease cosmetic, Labelle, Milani, Marykay. etc

Lip liners are also lipsticks in pencil form BlackOpal , Zaron, MAC, NYX, Milani, Jordana, Rimmel, Avon

Other items you will need are Gum or Mints for you or the client for fresh breathe .

Body spray or perfume

A DSLR  Camera ( digital ) either a Canon 60 D or Nikon D90 for starter, External Flash , reflector and Ringlight/ Makeup light

Makeup chair ( optional )

Brush wallet / makeup brush holder / makeup brush belt for keeping brushes and pencil.

Makeup setting spray- Skindinavia , Mehron , Model n a bottle, LÔÇÖOreal Infallable, ELF, MAC fix plus, NYX, Inglot.

Face primers/ moisturisers/shine control i.e  Nos 7 beautifully matte, Sonia Kashuk brighten primer, BM Pro shine control, Becca Shine control, Smash box photo finish, Laura Mercier foundation primer, ponds. Hourglass primer veil, MAC prep and prime,Mac Skin Base Visage, Clarins Beauty Flash balm, Rimmel stay matte primer, Embryolisse lait cream etc

Eye Primer– NYX Milk Pencil, Lindoirs eye primer, Elf, Milani, MaryKay, Urban Decay, MAC Paint pot, NYX eyeshadow base etc

Glitters– Shop sisi glitters, Milani glitters , Coast scent or you can buy from a book store /craft shop

Glitter Glue– ┬áNyx, Elf seal

Small first aid kit– Panadol, cotton wool, NCP , bandage , plaster .

Shadow shield for eyeshadow and glitters fallout

Brush egg for washing brushes / Sigma Spa brush cleaning mat

Safety pins and stapler for Gele and emergencies

Rubber bands , Head bands ,hair clips, booby pins.

Sharpeners/ Blade

Makeup Blot paper for touch up.

Business Cards  soft copy and printed

POS and Invoice

Phew , that all I can remember for now.If I forget to list any you can drop the name / products in the comment box. I would love to read your comment ­čÖé

If you need to get any of the produces listed above kindy send a mail to

Till my next post

Hugs and kisses.



  1. I found this super helpful. Building a pro kit definitely takes times and is such a huge investment. Thanks for this post. I didn’t see any moisturisers? Please suggest a few.

    • Thanks Annette, I listed the moisturizers with the face primers – You can try Embryolisse face cream,MAC Prep and prime , MAC Skin base Visage. Mehron face moistruriser to mention a few.

  2. Yem Yem, did I see Makeup Chair as optional? Hehehee… Our back needs all the petting it can get oo.. Nice post. I would have loved to see your list of favorite eyeshadows and highlighters.

    • Aijay , I said Optional because short girls like me can reach down without back pain .lolz . As for list of favourite eye shadows and highlighters am working on it.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hello. …am so sorry to deviate. I stumbled on this blog and it has been very helpful me.I just regret I didn’t see this blog earlier cus at least I would have avoided a mistake in this bad economy. I liked my friends black up full coverage foundation 06 look on her face.shes light skinned and I have this light caramel tone so her foundation fits me too. so I decided to get my own but in matte.meanwhile I just came back from camp and was tanned a little so I told the makeup artist at black up store that is the 06 in full coverage the same as mattifying foundation she said yes .I don’t know about makeup so I got it 11350! !!! Only for me to get home I tried it and it made me dark.and I had pores.I almost cried was so heattbroken was where I was checking black up reviews I saw your blog. Please I love that silky velvet matte look and something that will make your face a little bright and pop which do you recommend. Thanks

    • Hello Rita, I am sorry about your heartbreak. You can buy Maybelline Fit me Matte poreless foundation or the new MAC waterproof foundation.I can also help you narrow down your search to your shade if you send me a picture of yourself via whatsapp. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Love this post. I love Sleek blushes and Lipsticks. Makeup revolution does some really nice highlighters. I think Revlon colorstay foundation is just amazing. No 7 beautifully matte Primer was the best oil control primer I could find but now that it’s discontinued, I have consoled myself with the kiko one.

    I recently built my kit and I keep asking myself the importance of a makeup chair because it’s quite expensive where I live.

    • Hello Tomi,
      Glad to know we both share same love for some products.
      As for the makeup Chair ( its optional)as long as you can finds a comfortable surface for your client to seat and your back isnt breaking then you are good. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. Yem yem thanks for this wonderful topic it’s really insightful. please I want you to recommend a beauty store that sells majority of this brands mentioned so it will be easy to build my kit and please which make up school can you recommend for aspiring makeup artists thanks

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