Career options in the Beauty industry.

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Hey beauties, How are y’all doing? I wanted to share some career options in the beauty industry as at 2021. If you don’t want to read you can watch , Click HERE to on YouTube.

Career options in the Beauty Industry.

There so many new and evolving career options today that didn’t exist 10years ago. The beauty industry is one of the most versatile and it covers areas like hair, nails, skin, makeup etc .

The First step is to Figure out where you belong. Ask yourself what am I really good at?

Do you love working with people?

Are you great at marketing yourself and building relationships ?

Or do you like sales ?

The beauty industry valued at $532bn as at 2019  and will be $805 Bn by 2023 .

The first option is

Face painters for children parties, temporary tattos and carnivals

Mortician : You work with funeral homes to prepare the body for burial or cremation 

Bridal makeup artist:  Work Majorly with brides for her  Pre wedding shot, bridal party, engagements and white wedding.

Freelance Makeup Artist : You are your own boss, you can decide all the different niches you want to work in (fashion, Bridal and Special effects makeup.) There is flexibility and you decide which client you want to work with as well.

Film and Television makeup artist: This option will put you on set films, tv shows, commercials. Most time it’s natural makeup applications since the goal is to make them look like a better version of themselves.

Runway / Fashion Makeup Artist : This isn’t for everyone, it’s fast paced and fun but hard work and stressful. Majorly apply makeup on models to complement designers collection. As key makeup artist you have the opportunity to design the makeup look for the model and designer. This can dictate the trend for the next season, its mostly skin work, bold exciting provocative looks.

Print / Editorial makeup artist : This involves shooting a commercial, selling a product in the best light, it could be a documentary. The looks are simple and clean because you don’t want to distract the product being sold Fashion or magazine publication,or lifestyle or brand image. Editorial is selling a story, more avant- grade and dramatic 

Celebrity makeup artist : These are artists responsible for celebrity Red carpet / Photo shoot look. You get the most exposure. A celebrity image travels fast. As a celebrity makeup artist you work with them for years. The Chemistry matters and the the ability to create beautiful looks.

Special FX makeup : Works in the movies and create aged, wounded characters.

Spa /Salon makeup artist : You can work in a spa or salon as makeup consultant. You do more of brow grooming, waxing, threading, scalp massage etc.

Product development ; As a makeup artist, you work alongside cosmetics chemist in the development of new products. This is because the makeup artist provide amazing insights to scientists. whether it be ideas for new products or testing of current ones, your insight can have major impact on a product being developed.

Educator  (studio /online) : You use your professional training to teach the next generation. Showing people how to create beautiful looks and help them feels their bestYou can write a book or have paid online courses.

Beauty Editor / Blogger / Youtuber : If you love to write then this is for you. You share knowledge or insight on your platform, you can review products / latest trends and generally create content. Its a great way to share your passion with the world although it requires learning. You Make money from sponsorship and Ad sense. You need good writing skill, photography and be a great Marketer.

Influencer : You need to be good at influencing people to buy products and must have a lot of engagement on platform .

Mobile brand Representative or Retailer : You mostly introduce products and brands to both consumers and retailer. When working as a retail makeup representative, you will demonstrate product use, teach essential makeup application skill and find the perfect product to meet the customer needs. The jobs izmit escort are often commissions based and have specific quota daily. You get free training and share knowledge directly to retailers .

Beauty retailer  /franchise /distributor : They own the store or malatya escort are distributors for a particular brand. They buy in wholesale and usually stock a wide range of products.

PR agency : They help with brand visibility majorly.

Personal virtual shopper : Help shop for makeup products that are best suited for your budget and skin type.

Become a Beauty şirinevler escort Brand Owner

Social media manager 

Own a Beauty studio : Makeup studio, provide beauty related services, trainings can take place. The studio must be conducive where customers can come to.

Studio manager : Work as a manager interface with clients and handle booking, inventory day to day running of the place.

Organize Fairs / Trade Shows / Exhibitions 

Organize Beauty Events / Retreat around the world


Beauty business consultant : You work with start ups  beauty brands or Beauty retailers.

Beauty photographer /product stylist : If you love photography and love creating beautiful flat lays then you will love it, you will invest in props, must be creative, artistic is a big plus. Also you can get paid for a beauty Photoshoot .

Lash specialist / Eyebrow specialist (lift and tint)

Nail technician  / Artist 


An esthetician is a person who specializes in the beautification of the skin.

Head gear / Gele artist / trainer

Hair stylist / Barber ; You can focus on a niche ( natural, dreads,textured)

Colorist : Experience and color theory knowledge is important.

Wig maker 

Hair  retailer / merchant 

Massage Therapist 

Cosmetic dentist (teeth whitening,braces ?etc)


Face / Hand model: Works with brands for campaigns or makeup artists for photo shoots 

Personal Gym Trainer

Product developer: They develop products line based on market research, packing, bottles, functionality etc

Formulator  : Biochemistry, biology, pharmacy, chemistry. They develop formulas for new beauty brand, researching ingredients and testing.. 

Beauty recruitment agency : Get employers for people who need .

Booking agent for models and makeup artists

Receptionist : welcomes clients and grow the stores data base 

Sales person: in charge of sales in the store and also packing orders to be delivered 

E commerce Manager : Orders are sorting for shipping , inventory on platform, operations, pick and pack every online delivery,100% accuracy in dispatch of orders, client handling online professional and timely manner ( computer proficiency) Must be able to multitask, work with little or no supervision and can work under pressure.

Customer care managers / Client manager

Marketing coordinator : Track sales data, maintain promotional materials , inventory,maintains database.

Sales manager consultant : Driving sales result , achieving monthly sales target and KPI for existing clients, will require traveling. Must have negotiation and communication skill and apply to get new customers account .

Retail store manager:Manage Store, make sure they care an exceptional customer service experience and provide up to minutes beauty advise, drive sales and meet target, motivate, coach and develop in store team, manage new stock. Merchandise.

Cosmetic surgeon: Must have the education and attend a medical school in order to practice and be certified.

Cosmetic dentist : Helps with fixing the teeth to perfection , Services such as cleaning, flossing and fixing braces are part of job description,

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I hope this helps you in your research.

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