Castor Oil benefits I saw after one month use.

Hey beauties, I would love to share my Castor oil benefits I saw after one month use. This er my timeline and thanks to Bar to buy this product was influenced by TIKTOK ( Tiktok made me buy it ) and I have no regrets at all. It was made popular by Barbara O Neil talked about how some diseases it cures like Endometriosis , fibroid, lump in breast, joint pains, arthritis and so on.

After 2 weeks haunt, I finally got one from a Pharmacy . It is recommended to get the 100% organic , Cold pressed ,Hexane free. On day !, I applied a 2 drops of the oil on my bellybutton and on my surgical scars and there was slight bleeding and my bloating reduced. It helps to break down lumps, blood and heal scar tissue. It worked for my hair growth as well .

Life and Pursuits Castor oil
Cold pressed Oil
Thick oil

it is a thick oil and it takes a while to penetrate into the skin layer . This Brand Life and pursuit castor oil is fragrance free and not messy. Have you tried this oil before and what were your observations? Drop comment below.

Till my next post, Hugs Misykona.

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