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  • How to manage dreadlocks breakage

    Hey beauties, Somebody wake me up please!!! I don’t want to believe that we are already in September, what happened? where did all the months go ? 🙂 The good thing is we  are going to be in my happy jollof rice month real soon 😉 So I finally got around changing my hair color, […]

  • 5 lessons I learnt from growing Locs

    Happy Sunday beauties😚 Today, I reflect on my natural hair journey *locs* and 5 lessons I have learnt. I started almost 4 years ago,I am happy and have no regrets whatsoever 😆😊 The hair journey thought me the following: 1. PATIENCE – I transitioned ( I allowed my hair go natural for months) I didnt […]

  • The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control Review

    Hello Ladies, Today’s review is on a product I ordered a few weeks back called ‘The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge control’ If you have natural hair or you love your hairline to look sleek then I would recommend you get this.It doesn’t damage / cut your hair but grows it. As a Makeup Artist […]

  • My hair update.

    Hello beauties, Beautiful day , beautiful weather at my end , i trust it’s the same at your neck of the woods, and yes how are esenyurt escort you preparing for valentine’s day and the elections,the days just had to clash -a spoiler for some maybe  🙂 If you have read my 25 facts about […]