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  • How to Tie small GELE ( Small length)

    Hey Beauties, A little something to help your gele game get better….View , Subscribe and Enjoy OTHER PLACES YOU’LL FIND ME Instagram: Misykona Twitter: Misykona Youtube Misykona Thank you any question, kindly drop comment below. Hugs and Kisses, Shameless beauty addict,  Misidreads

  • Turban Love

    Turban Love – How to tie Turban

    Hey beautiful , I am totally deviating today, well not totally though as I would still be talking about something that is beauty related, I figured you might not want to see another review 🙂 . So here’s the thing, there’s something new in town, well not entirely new, let me rephrase, there is something […]

  • [WATCH] : Gele style

    Hey beautiful people, It’s been  a very hot couple of days , did we just experience harmattan or not ?? Yesterday was mad hot , I virtually almost melted away , I will see how I can help the consistent few that still need to wear makeup in this heat in subsequent post , all you […]

  • First Ever Blackup Sales

    Hey guys, I woke up yesterday and I had to twerk 🙂 , get your mind out of the gutter , I didn’t really twerk but I was elated that the harmattan is here . You might not understand if you don’t live in Lagos , trust me when I say Lagos was hotter than […]

  • Bridal Feature (Ogo)

    Hi there beautiful people, It has been an eventful year , we are in the last month of the year 2015, I am guessing this year went by fast for us in Nigeria because of all the political ,economic and societal drama we are plagued with everyday , there is never a dull moment in […]

  • Emerging Gele Styles

    Nigerians are exceptional people , we pick up on trends and follow through to the letter , we take the liberty to add some spice and boom – everyone one is doing it .Does the Azonto dance fit into this case study? – yes , does the word bae fit into this case study ? […]

  • Bridal Feature -Iyawo Joy and Iyawo Jumoke

    Howdy beautiful people, I have been on sabbatical to get some personal and business related matters sorted, the time off has  afforded me enough time to reflect – I am indeed very grateful for the gift of life and like the song #GodWin goes …..everything I do na God win, so even with the fuel […]

  • Photoshoot with Kelly Green

    Hiya People, We had a ground breaking record achieved last weekend  – – There was no wedding in the whole of  Nigeria 🙂  . Another record broken is the peaceful nature in which the election was conducted , we pray it remains same even after the results have been announced. Well, all round the weekend […]

  • Bridal Feature – Iyawo Mopelola

    Hey guys, And we are back!!!!  Apologizes for the site being down for a  few days, must have been those internet demons at work.Thanks Arete consulting for fixing it promptly. Today we hitting it down the bridal lane with Mopelola Bankole now Mrs Mopelola Jatto. I met Mope at a friend’s introduction and I was […]

  • My hair update.

    Hello beauties, Beautiful day , beautiful weather at my end , i trust it’s the same at your neck of the woods, and yes how are you preparing for valentine’s day and the elections,the days just had to clash -a spoiler for some maybe  🙂 If you have read my 25 facts about me (just  […]

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