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  • The life of a perceived “layabout Makeup artist”

    Hey beauties, I was tagged in a post on Instagram and I swore I wasn’t going to get involved but then I realized that keeping quiet is the reason why we are battling with this perception ─░zmir Escort problem. A lot of makeup artists are perceived as layabouts, loafers, no-do-goods, runs girls and the list […]

  • Classic makeup products review

    Hi there beautiful people, I am a homegrown girl , I get extra excited when people are doing stuff that looks remotely indigenous even if not entirely so. How did this happen? well dollar happened and I have been doing extra research on made in Nigeria or let me rephrase – made for Nigerians.Made for […]

  • 2014 Makeup Favourites.

    I am grateful 2014 is finally coming to an end today.I want to thank all my clients who have become my friends, blog readers , followers and everyone who have supported me this past year ,may God guide and guard us all through out 2015. I  have had a very eventful year and i am […]

  • Season Greetings.

    Hello Everyone, Compliments of the season,i wish ankara escort you a splendid holiday.May God bless you and your family this ├Âve├žler escort season! Warmest thoughts and best wishes. Till my next post, Hugs and Kisses. Misidreads.

  • Self Esteem.

    Hiya people , Have you had your salt water bath today ?? No ?? How about bitter Kola?? ­čÖé , the week has been one with so many discoveries and postulations on the cure of Ebola . I would just like to say this before some people kill themselves , I read somewhere people were […]

  • Dubai Beauty Vacation.

    Hey Glam people. I am back , it is almost impossible for me to tell you guys how much i missed you all. Where have i been ??┬á –┬á i have been on a much needed vacation with some other amazing makeup artist. I am extremely thankful┬á to Omolola of Pops concepts for putting it […]

  • As I add another year.

    Howdy People, I am grateful for another year ,its my birthday and i give all the glory to God for the gift of life and good health.I owe God everything that i am today and I know beyond any doubt that i┬á am a testimony of not despising the days of little beginning . All […]

  • Is Makeup a sin?

    Hey beautiful people, I am busy enjoying this new month, its been great so far and i am pretty sure it will be greater in days to come , praise the Lord somebody …… ah ha !!! , that exactly where i need your train of thought to be, somewhere in the realm of religion. […]

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