Met CEO – Gifty’s Daughters.

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I want to Introduce to you a major player in the Makeup and Beauty industry in Nigeria, Mrs Funke Tonye-Preghafi. A graduate of Accountancy.Internationally Trained Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist.1002658_10153948900590291_1840013900_n

We have been friends for a long time over the phone before we finally saw ourselves @ BM Pro Ikeja Studio Launch (very pleasant experience)
Funke is very versatile and passionate about makeup and beauty things, she has got a lot of exposure but locally and internationally. She even attended the just concluded IMAT London. Her passion for makeup artistry and Beauty has taken her all over the world, to acquire more knowledge. We are both incurable makeup addicts (lol)I visited her store in port harcourt during the Christmas holiday and I must confess I was very impressed. Her studio is so classy, organized, well stocked with very clean environment, cozy ambiance with helpful and happy staff.

Gifty Daughter studio is right in the heart of PH. I can compare it with Sephora store abroad.I saw a wide range of collection of product, from High end brands to low end brands such as black up, MAC ,Nouba ,Nyx ,Black radiance, sleek, Blackopal ,Bobbi Brown ,Iman ,Tara , BM PRO, Zuca back packs, makeup boxes, makeup tools, fragrances ,skin care, Makeup brush set, bath and body lotion to mention a few.

I was so happy when she agreed to interview her

Please can we meet you?

A.My name is Olufunke Tonye-Preghafi.

What are your hobbies?A.Researching for new makeup & Beauty trends.

When and how did you start your business?

A.I started out by retailing makeup products and later went to beauty school.

Can you tell us about Gifty daughter?

A.Gifty’s Daughter is a Beauty company,we are not only makeup artists,but experienced and trained professionals in Facial & Body therapy,Body Piercing,Permanent Makeup,Semi-Permanent lash extensions and beauty Educators.All this achieved through knowledge acquired   From trainings in different parts of the world,UAE,UK,USA,Ghana,South Africa & Nigeria.

How has the journey being so far?

A.I will say the experience so far has been fantastic,it hasn’t been without it’s own share of heartbreaks and disappointments.I have made a lot of great friends thru Giftys Daughter and have also lost some too.But in all I am ever grateful to God that has sustained the business for so long.

How do you balance motherhood and business?

A.Balancing anything with motherhood can’t be easy cos the motherhood itself is a full time job.Somedays I feel guilty for not spending weekends with them or my husband because weekend are very busy,but I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband and a great family support system that carries me when I fall short.

Can you mention names of MUA that inspires you globally and locally?

A.I am inspired a lot by the creative directors behind the makeup brands because without them,we won’t have good products to work with.I love all MUAs cos we have unique areas of strength.

What inspired you to develop your own brush line?
A.I was tired of having to wait for friends that travel out of the country to buy me quality brushes.I did a lot of research and asked a lot of friends and customers what they wanted and ran with the vision.

What are your favorite international makeup brands?A.Nouba,Tasmerah,Zuca,Black opal to mention a few.

Are you a makeup artist or just an entrepreneur?A.I am both cos I am making money from my passion.Makeup and all things beauty excite me.I eat,breathe,read,talk and live makeup.

5 years from now where do you see Gifty’s Daughter studio?A.5 years from now,Giftys Daughter will be on the lips of every makeup lover all over the world.We plan to conquer the world,one pace at a time.

Your located in Port Harcourt, does that affect sales positively or negatively?

A.I have been privileged to participate in a lot of events all over the world,and also sell all over Nigeria.I think being in Ph is just the icing on the cake.

What do you think about the makeup industry in Nigeria ?

A.The makeup and Beauty industry in Nigeria is a growing one.We still have a long way to go in terms of talents,creativity,diversity and exposure.I would like to see more creative hair shows,makeup shows,beauty awards of excellence and just generally celebrating the beauty industry more.I also hope that we are able to get better beauty education,educators and investors in this wonderful industry.

Any advice to people who are aspiring to be like you?
A.Don’t stop believing!When I asked for a loan to buy makeup to sell from my mum in 2005,she told me no.I sold everything I had,even my clothes to make sure my dream didn’t die.My mindset was to follow my vision to the end,if I didnt make it,at least I tried.I am grateful that 6yrs later I am going strong,and I named my business after my mum(Gifty).
Funke (Middle) at IMAT londn with friends
Funke working on a client.
Outside View of her Ultra modern complex.


Makeup Stations
More Display of makeup products
Makeup box
Side view
Detachable Makeup box
Zuca makeup Back pack
The Interior
Makeup Trolley



Travel size makeup brush set by Gofty;s Daughter
Professional size   for MUA ( i totally love her brush set)



Funke and i


Funke applying powder on a client
Funke  doing  what she loves.
Studio Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria Address: 48 khana street,stop over plaza,dline.
Nos 25 Toyin street Lagos
Postal Code: 7653. Tel.: 08033368927.
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