Corona virus and the beauty industry

Clean and disinfected brushes
Clean and disinfected brushes

The most common question I hear lately is ” what will happen to the beauty industry post corona?” and then I thought why not write about coronavirus and the beauty industry? Although, to be honest, it’s going to be pretty hard to predict or tell what is going to happen like I can see into the future and this is because I haven’t witnessed a pandemic before. I definitely wasn’t born like a century ago?

So for the beauty space, professionals that are/will be affected by the coronavirus pandemic are makeup artists, nail techs, lash techs, and hairstylists. These set of people are the ones that come in close contact with their clients and beauty counters, salons, and studios had to close up to stop the spread of the virus.

However, I foresee beauty retailers and brand owners adjusting well because they can easily change their business models and go digital. They can use online platforms such as websites and social media to sell directly to consumers. Live videos have become the in-thing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter, youtube where you can connect directly with your customers. So what are the benefits of the digital approach? They would be able to get immediate feedback about their products, there will be an increase in sales and engagement.

To be honest, it may be a difficult time for brand owners and Online retailers in Nigeria because of the current exchange rate since manufacturing isn’t done locally and the cost of shipping is also high.

The new normal after corona virus

During the lockdown, the average consumer has been investing in skincare more than makeup because they are at home and do not wear makeup as often. The skincare products that are seen as affordable and easy to use have become the fastest-selling.

On the other side of the street, beauty professionals now sell online classes that can help the client do it themselves. Basic courses like eyebrow grooming, foundation and powder application, etc. have become the norm.

There are high chances this might continue as people will still be a bit skeptical about direct contact. Truth is we will never know until all this is over.

The Future of the beauty industry

The effect of Coronavirus on the beauty industry has caused the loss of billions of dollars. We see major companies like LMVH, Unilever, L’Oreal, Haus Laboratories with big factories and capacity manufacturing ventilators, face masks, sanitizers and donating food.

It has now become mandatory for all in these sectors to practice the highest form of hygiene and sanitation in the business. The client will no longer be using the tester kit to try on products on themselves, the studio space will have to be properly sanitized/ fumigated from time to time. Also, a lot of disposable items will be used as it will not be safe to share products with people or use what’s in the kit for multiple people without proper sanitization

Many salons, studios will be directly affected as there might be not a lot of frequent visitors to the store .due to the cancellation or postponement of events. This might favor the freelance artist as they are usually mobile and won’t have to worry about paying rent and associated expenses.

Beauty professionals can use this period to go fully digital, develop the brand using digital platforms. Create engagement with clients and could also introduce live consultation / Classes.

Every store will have to make water and soap available with alcohol-based sanitizers and also check for the temperature of their clients. Everyone will also have to make use of masks and ultimately practice social distancing.

Images of workstation set up and Hygiene for makeup artist affect corona virus

Corona virus and the beauty industry
Disinfecting and cleaning Brushes.
Corona virus and the beauty industry
Brush cleaner used to disinfect and clean brushes
Corona <a href=eskişehir escort virus and the beauty industry” class=”wp-image-7353″/>
Makeup work station setup

In conclusion

The potential solution will be mecidiyeköy escort to use a personal kit for the client. It will also help to ask the health history of the client and be sure they are not infected with the virus. You should void talking to client when working if you can, the client will most probably not be wearing a mask at that time. You could start retailing ataşehir escort products to clients that need them as an extra source of income.

Kindly note that most of these points and suggestions are not peculiar to Nigeria alone as we are dealing with a pandemic that cuts across all continents. Everyone will have to figure out what they can adapt and do going forward.

What do you think of coronavirus and the beauty industry? We will definitely overcome it. Stay safe

Till my next post,

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