My Favorite Red Lipsticks for Christmas 2018.

Hey beauties,

Compliments of the season everyone. My Favourite holiday is here , Christmas!!! I am getting ready to eat drink, party and celebrate the birth of Jesus and the New Year  2019! Let me share My Favorite Red Lipsticks for Christmas with you . Although I have done a post on my favourite Red lipsticks  years back click Here to read up .

The weather usually changes to Harmattan during this period and everywhere becomes dusty and hot which I dont like. Red lipstick is a must have for this festive season especially as it helps to brighten  your look and mood.

There are different types of finish from Satin, matte , moisturizing to shimmery.  If I am going for an outing that requires me eating , I simply apply matte because it stays on my lips for a longer period without disappearing, if I am going for an outing with friends I can do satin or moisturizing finish as I really dont mind it coming off ,I will just touch up again.

There are different brands with different shades of Red. Below are pictures and swatches of my all time Favorited selection of RED lipsticks.

From the left – Fenty Beauty stunna lips in Uncensored, Milani 66 Matte Passion, MAC Crazy Lust, Maybelline Bold Matte MAT 5, Vessie Goldsmith Silk Gloss M14 Glam.

The Fenty beauty Lip stunna in Uncensored is Matte but takes a long time to dry . You need just a little as alot of it might lead to it bleeding out from the lip lines and cracking . The applicator of this lipstick isnt the best i have used but i managed to make it work. It retails  is N13000 . You can contact @Meccabeauty1 on Instagram to get one if you are interested.

The Milani Matte lipstick in 66 Passion has an orange under tone and its a brighter red. Its not a  very matte lipstick but has a great coverage and pops . This sells for N2000

The MAC lipstick is a moisturizing lipstick in Crazy Lust, Perfect for the harmatan season , as it doesnt dry the lips out but its important to blot with tissue.  Its a more calmer red and not as bold as the others. This sells for around 14000 . You can get from MAC Store around you.

Maybelline Bold Matte Lipstick is a bluish red that is very vibrant MAT 5 , works with any skin shade and super affordable. This sells for N3000

Lastly , Vessie Goldsmith Silk Gloss in M14 Glam . If you are looking for a very matte lipstick this is your go to matte lipstick .This sells for N4000 in their studio at ikeja.

Which brand of red lipstick is your favourite and how do you like your finish ? Matte or gloss?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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