Game of Thrones Locations You Can Visit

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How is the weather at your end? I was going to travel with to the north until l a friend told me that up north you could literally just die from a heat stroke. Lagos has become mad humid and it’s beginning to get to me, I knew I had to get my mind of it and then suddenly I stumbled on the Game of Thrones and yes, I am part of that tiny percentage of people that don’t watch it.

However what I find really interesting was the locations for the movie set, they really blew my mind away that I had to do some research of the places that the series was shot and I came up with these lovely Game of Thrones locations you can actually visit in real life.

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most popular series in TV history, which is why many fans have thronged the movie locations that have become tourist’s locations.

  1. Northern Ireland:

If you are a die-hard game of thrones believer and you are thinking of catching a flight to see first hand, then Northern Ireland would probably be number one on your list as it has the most widespread Game of Thrones experiences for travellers. Northern Ireland is where you will find the Dark hedges from the second season where Arya escaped on a wagon, other notable places used was the Titanic studios, the Castle ward, the Ballintoy harbour also known as Pyke harbour and many more.

  1. Iceland


Iceland is truly fantastic and it won’t be out of place to say that this country was made for movies. Iceland boasts of so many iconic locations where the Game of Thrones was shot and they are all nothing short of breathtaking. John snow and the rest of the gang did their thing on the Icelandic landscape; the country boasts of places like Dimmuborgir from season 3, Þingvel,  Arrow head mountain etc.


3. Spain

Spain has always been a tourist destination where one could easily fly to and now that you can actually book a Game of Thrones tour, it has even become more interesting. Some famous locations used in Spain are Girona and Basque county.

Other countries the Game of Thrones has featured in are Croatia, Meateora, Morocco, Canada , Scotland and Malta. So for you Game of Thrones ( I am still catching on) If you really need to fly out on a vacation, any of these countries would be wonderful to visit.

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