Giftys Daughters opens in Lagos.

Happy Everyone,
I felt so much better after the rain.Despite my crazy schedule on saturday I made it to Giftys Daughters store opening in Lagos and I was glad I did.i was amazed at the collection of professional makeup tools and products.i knew immediately I was going to share pictures.

Fashion Fair Tester Stand


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
Makeup Accessories and tools
Urban Decay Eyeshaow Pallete
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Lipsticks on Display
Bleach it .



Barbara, Funke , myself and Orion.

Also Available are NYX,Fashion Fair and otherlots of makeup brand.
Gifty Daughter Beauty Studio  at 25A Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos.

Till my next post,
Much love,



  1. I wz dere today n it wsnt so easy locating it (dere wz nuffn indicatn dt wz gifty’s daughter) buh m hapi I found d store tho n yaaay I got my Ben Nye banana powder frm em… *covers face*

  2. hello. I must say I was thrilled to find a Nigerian distributor of fashion fair on their website but was totally disappointed when I asked a friend that stays in Lagos to help me inquire and was told I could not make a purchase of less than a hundred thousand naira! I really do not think that is fair enough. also is there a way to make purchase online and have things delivered to you in other parts of Nigeria? hopefully you do or you will open a shop in Abuja soon. looking forward to a reply. thank you!

  3. Hi!!! so I was informed by Yemisi that there was a misunderstanding with my purchase inquiry and that you guyz av a shop in Abuja. Cant wait to check it out. so thrilled!!!!

  4. Please can I get the ben nye translucent banana powder at your store tomorrow…pretty urgent. I can cancel my trip if it’s in Stock. Please reply ASAP

  5. Please i need to know if you have the following products and price and if you can deliver thanks. Lagirl concealer, milani powder, milani lipstick,bh eyeshadow pallete with blush, makeup brush set and makeupbox, no7 face primer.thanks will be waiting for your reply

  6. Please is the Lagos store still located at 25 Toyin Street.
    The contact number given by Misidreads (0845-569-94) is wrong.

  7. Ok, thank you…could you pls give a landmark to locate the store with?
    I’ve looked out for the store but I can’t seem to find it. I would appreciate a landmark, that can be used to locate the store e.g. if its two shops away from dominoes, or before the church. thanks!

  8. Hello,
    I just found this forum and I have been calling the number (084556994) but it doesn’t seem to be going through…not sure if i’m even getting the international code right…. I have a lot of inquires to make about some products I will like to buy. Do you do wholesale selling? Do you have a website where I can choose the products I want and have a quote sent to me so that I can plan on how much to bring down when coming down? Can I have a direct number to call? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

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