Health and Safety in Makeup and Beauty Campaign.

Hello Beauties,

I am back after been attacked by internet demons, my site has been extremely slow and I have been working with my techy people.The site is back now and you can catch up on whatever you have missed.

Last week Sunday, I started a campaign and the simple objective was to create awareness about the need for makeup artists and users to employ safety measures as regards using makeup and beauty products.The health and safety in makeup campaign is to help all and sundry.

Say no to cheap imitation, counterfeits and fake cosmetics because they contain toxic ingredients that can affect your health.Like I always say I have paid the price for you and I have dedicated myself to this cause. Save a life- kindly share with friends and family.

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I am a fanatical makeup lover; this love has landed me in the lab and hospital. The story I am about to share is my personal experience that is supposed to help whoever is reading make informed decisions when it comes choosing makeup products.

Last year I got a lipstain from a lady who wanted me to do a review on the blog and as the custom I had to try it out on myself so that I could give my honest review. Later at night I used coconut oil to wipe my lips and by the next morning my lips were on fire and I mean that literally. I panicked immediately and tried to see what I could get on the ingredients of the product as it didn’t come with the complete packaging, the next move was to reach out to my ever trusty friend – Google. I found out the painful truth, the ingredients were toxic with compositions such as car paint and parabeen to make the product last longer.

I have become a regular patron of hospitals and even labs to carry out several tests, a more bitter experience was when a doctor asked me to do HIV test, can you imagine? I brought back the negative results back to him with my tongue out to say “in your face doc”. The simple lesson from my experience is that the beauty industry is not properly regulated, health and safety of beauty product in Nigeria can be best described as bureaucratic, red taping, confusing or even şişli escort nonexistent.

The purpose of this campaign is to change minds! To emphasis that fake/ substandard products can do great harm and danger when applied on the body and to help make sure that people patronize honest beauty retailers that sell the original deal. Buying a cheap knock off might land you in the hospital like me and you will end up spending more than the product cost.

For additional advice on where to get genuine products you can give me a shout out, I have paid the price just for you . We need to patronize businesses that are free from such practices. If you have had a similar nasty experience and won’t mind sharing please sends me a mail on

Feel free to share and stay smart!

Stay Safe,

Hugs and Kisses,


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