How to register your business at the 2015 Lagos International Trade Fair

Hey guys,

I was about to wish you a happy new month when I checked my calendar and realized that we are almost halfway through the month , is it just me or the month is just on hyper drive ? Anyway what is important is that we are alive and pushing our dreams.

To support your dream I thought to share a vital information with the business owners and those about to start.I am pretty sure a sizable number of business owners don’t have their businesses registered. Well , here’s your chance to register your business at the Lagos International Trade Fair 2015 which started on Friday the 6th of November and will end on Sunday the 15th of November.


The Corporate Affairs Commission CAC has a booth and it is quite easy to register your businesses there. I would encourage you to take advantage of this as the process of registration is faster at the trade Fair. (Note :  you can not bahis siteleri
register a limited liability company though, ).

Business registration is the first step to starting a business.


Requirements :

  • Business name Registration fee N10750
  • Pay to Union bank for trade fair purpose(CAC TSA Account) at the fair
  • Collect registration form from the 2nd window at the CAC stand
  • Fill form properly in capital letters and attach 2 passport photographs
  • Submit the filled form in the first window at CAC stand
  • Move back to 2nd window for final submission with teller.
  • Find out the date you will go back to pick you certificate

Note you will need to come up canlı bahis siteleri
with 3 different names i.e

1.Beauty Splash Signature

2.Beauty Splash World

3.Beauty Splash Touch

Also note that the fair will end on Sunday , it’s an opportunity to visit other stands and get a trade and commerce feel of Nigeria 🙂 .

Till my next post,

Hugs and Kisses.




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